It gives me immense pleasure to let you know that TechPP has been featured on CHIP magazine (May 2009 edition) under suggested Website category. The CHIP magazine is one of the world’s most renowned Technology magazine and India’s most trusted guide to Gadgets and Technology. It is managed by Infomedia 18 which publishes other popular magazines like Overdrive, IC etc.

Here is what CHIP has to say about TechPP –

Technically Personal (TP) is a blog website that talks about different areas of technology. Its key strength is content. At first, it might look like ‘just another blog’, but after digging deeper, you’ll find ample reasons to stay glued to the site.

The author also has some nice words about the minimalistic looks of the website. If you wish to read the complete article, you can just click on the image below for an enlarged version.


I must thank Sarv007 from for letting me know about the featured article in Chip.


With all your help and support I will strive hard to make TechPP a much better resource. Thanks all!

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