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by: - Last updated on: October 30th, 2019
  • Have you ever urged to access your computer from anywhere, any place?
  • How about securely sharing the files or the desktop itself with your friends from different parts of the world?


Checkout iCloud. The image above exemplifies the thought and idea behind this wonderful service.

iCloud is a solution which serves a specific function: letting you access your desktop from anywhere a web-enabled computer is available. All settings are preserved, while documents and icons are accessed using this tool as if you were sitting in front of your desktop at home.

The good thing about iCloud is, you can integrate it with browsers and mobile devices. We have already seen many online backup applications, both paid and free backup applications. But the aspect of iCloud being built on the CLOUD system and the ability to integrate it easily with browsers and mobile devices make it special and unique.


Add to that, the social network capabilities are already built it into iCloud and tools for online collaboration are equally accounted for. This adds more icing to the cake, and it is an aspect that I think should be prioritized. The iCloud desktop is designed to have the same look and feel as traditional windows desktop application but one of major differences is it is running online in the cloud.

Since it is running in the cloud, it can offer you some very impressive features such as easy sharing and real time collaboration, built-in marketplace with availability of free applications and many more.

iCloud is built on Xcerion XML Internet OS/3 (XIOS/3) operating system. XIOS/3 is well known and widely being used in worldwide application developer community. This means that you will have more and more free applications ranging from games, entertainment, personal finance tool, productivity tool and etc being offered in icloud service in short future.

Whether you are at the office, home, or at your friends place, all your files and folders are accessible and shareable at your fingertips. Mount your icloud Cloud Drive as a local hard drive and drag and drop files or folders directly to the cloud, they are then ready to be shared and used.

Features of iCloud online service

  • 3 GB free storage space to safely store and backup documents, photos and music online
  • 50 free applications and widgets such as Office, Mail, Music,
  • Video, Instant Messaging, Games, Collaboration and Development tools.
  • Public profile,
  • Free email
  • File sharing and WebDAV support, mount as a network drive
  • Zero installation, icloud runs in Internet Explorer or Firefox

Please note that Firefox integration is still in beta, but you can use IE which is fully supported. You can connect to the 3GB webdav space with this address given below, of course you would use your account name in place of

If you would like to get yourself the experience of using icloud desktop, try it today. Go to iCloud website to register an account. The activation link will be sent to your email after few hours of the registration. Click on the link to activate the account followed by creating your preference username and password then just login to icloud by using the username and password you have just created.

Do share your views once you give it a try!


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  1. Their are actually a number of office sweets which are fully in the iCloud and have been for a few years. Though, they needed the years to add more features and add stability and let the programs work with as many browsers as possible.

    And, look at Google Docs (heck, look at all that is done on Google – all in the “cloud.” Zoho seems to have an addition every week to its list of programs. Moving up very fast is Feng Office which offers bot the cloud version of its products, and for those not quite ready, it starts them off with a on site version. And, Microsoft is moving fast to meet the latest date for the full office suite to be in the cloud, as we or they say.