The Spirit untethered jailbreaking tool for iPhone OS 3.1.3, iPad 3.2 and iPod Touch 3G has been released just now. It was supposed to be released last week, but due to some reasons, it was delayed for a few days. With a single click, Spirit will jailbreak any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running firmware 3.1.x or 3.2.


Spirit userland jailbreak is first of its kind tool since iPhone OS 1.x. This type of jailbreak is effective and easy to use, however Apple can easily patch whatever security vulnerability is used by Spirit. It is very important to note that Spirit does not include an unlock to allow the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to be used on a different wireless carrier than AT&T. No unlocking tool is scheduled to be released anytime before June 2010. So please DO NOT upgrade to 3.1.3 if you rely on carrier unlock


According to the developer of Spirit,

– Spirit is an untethered jailbreak for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch on the latest firmwares.
– Spirit is not a carrier unlock.
– If you currently are using a tethered jailbreak, you have to restore to use Spirit. Do not upgrade if you use an unlock on an iPhone 3G or 3GS. (You can, however, restore to 3.1.2 if you have SHSH blobs for that version.)

Users planning to install the Spirit jailbreak are strongly urged to back up their SHSH blobs before jailbreaking their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. In the event your iPad is updated to a new firmware and the jailbreak is lost, downgrading to 3.2 will require this SHSH information so the jailbreak can be re-installed.

A detailed guide to jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3, iPad 3.2 and iPod Touch 3G will be posted soon. So stay tuned.

Download Spirit for Windows
Download Spirit for OS X

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