Use Windows 7 “Forever” With Rearm Count Reset Tools

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

We have already seen how Rearming Windows 7 enables Windows 7 trial users to extend the trial period to 4 months instead of 1 month. Now, new tools have emerged which claim to reset the rearm count to 4 every time you run the tool, which essentially means you can use Windows 7 forever without cracking it.

As discussed earlier, rearming Windows 7 extends the evaluation period by a month. But this process can be repeated 3 times at max. But the Rearm Count Reset Tools make this process even easier as the whole process is automated. If the steps are followed carefully, you can use Windows 7 forever without cracking. These tools Rearm Windows 7 automatically on 29th or 30th Day of every month.

There are 3 Rearm Count reset tools – InfiniteRearm4, Windows7Rearm Forever and Windows 7 Rearm Task which essentially have similar features and functionality. All these tools come with an instruction file which may be thoroughly followed in order to reset Windows 7 Rearm count.

Disclaimer: Many people claim rearming process is harmless, but we have not tested these tools ourselves. This is only for educative purposes. Use them at your own risk.

1. InfiniteRearm4 v1.9


2. Windows 7 Rearm Forever 2.0


3. Windows 7 RearmTask4 v2.1


Follow these simple steps –

1. Press F8 after POST to display the Advanced Boot Options
2. Select Repair your Computer
3. Select the keyboard input method
4. Enter the Windows Login details
5. Note on which drive the OS is installed below Choose Recovery Option
6. Click on Command Prompt
7. Type driveletter:reset (example C:reset or D:reset) and press Enter
8. Click on Restart button
9. After logon, ignore the watermark & wait for a while till a Message Box is displayed.

Download Reset Rearm Count Tools


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  1. I believe Microsoft will release a patch to fix all these rearm error. But, I am incline to believe that these tools could be harmful.

  2. One risks trojans and backdoors to be installed via such tools on their PCs. Having your PC work as an zombie that attacks banks or moves arround illegal songs, movies etc. without you knowing can easily get you in legal trouble.

    Anyway, Microsoft will probably let these tools work for some time till Windows 7 gains enough popularity and then lock down unregistered versions