Here is a quick heads up on an ongoing promotion for Zoner Photo Studio 12 Xpress edition. This version of Zoner Photo Studio 12 is not available on the official website but only available as a shareware promo to various IT magazine publications. Officially there is no special installer for Xpress version. This means Pro installer will work with the license you will get through this promo.


Zoner Photo Studio is a comprehensive photo and multimedia management software, which allows users to manage, view, acquire, edit, archive, and publish the photo or album. With Zoner Photo Studio, user can backup the metadata and stores the information in all three information standards (EXIF 2.2, IPTC, and XMP).

Zone Photo Studio 12 – Features (Pro version)

  • full RAW processing
  • a wide array of edits and effects for photo enthusiasts
  • HDR, panoramas, and even a 3D photo makerconvenient,
  • time saving batch operations
  • quick picture organizing
  • support for GPS map data
  • a fresh, user-defined interface
  • easy and direct web publishing
  • templates for calendars, contact lists, and more
  • DVD and PDF slideshows

How to Grab Zoner Photo Studio 12 Xpress Edition for Free

There have been various promotional offers for Zoner Photo Studio 12 Xpress Edition over the past 6 months and all of them seem to work even now. Here are some of the links to the promotional offers –

You must have got the idea about changing the last 3 numbers in case the above links go dead! Enter name and email address and submit the form. Check your email for the registration key. Download Zoner Photo Studio 12 and register using the key received.

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