The VPN technology has evolved a lot in the past few months and the VPN services in general have become more reliable and affordable than ever before. Previously, the VPN tools were always looked upon as slow and unfit for video browsing. But now, VPN services like SailFish VPN are fast yet affordable and offer high reliability in addition to the general nuances like privacy, freedom from censorship and anonymous browsing.

SailFish VPN Review


SailFish is a relatively new entrant to the already inflated VPN marketspace. They offer US based VPN service using PPTP technology with encrypted internet connection. Unlike most of the premium VPN services, SailFish works with all devices that supports any of the following Operating Systems – iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu.

The setup was pretty simple and straight-forward. They have a dedicated tutorial page which guides you through the setup for any device/OS, just in case you are struck. Once you have set it up, simply connect to the US vpn using the username and password.

Watching Hulu videos was easy with SailFish VPN. Though it took some time to buffer the ad, the actual episodes were fast and consistent. Normal browsing – like Facebook, Twitter etc was a breeze. I tried setting up SailFish VPN on my iPad. Though the setup was easy, video streaming was a bit slow.

They haven’t put any restrictions on speed or bandwidth (need to confirm this). The good thing is they support secure (https) sites as well. They have both the Free as well as paid VPN services. Those who would like to try the VPN before going for a subscription, can request a one-day trial here. Their monthly subscription starts at $5 only.

SailFish US VPN Giveaway

SailFish has offered to give away 30 one-month valid VPN accounts exclusively for the readers of TechPP! The giveaway starts right now and will end on Dec 20th 2010. The criteria to enter the giveaway is simple as always –

  • Just leave a comment below to register.
  • Optionally, join our Facebook page for quick updates.

Stay tuned for more giveaways coming up this holiday season!

Update: We have picked the winners and waiting for SailFish to provide the free accounts, will update once we are ready.

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