It’s been a while since we saw a proper service to make free international calls. But here is a promotional offer from the Australia based VOIP provider – PennyTel which is offering 10 million free local, domestic and international call minutes to a lot of popular destinations like US, UK, India, China, Canada, Hong Kong, NewZealand and Singapore.


10 million minutes might sound huge, but the catch is that the offer is going to be shared amongst all the PennyTel subscribers who register for this offer. Though officially the offer runs between 1st December 2010 to 8th January 2011, do not expect it to last long and make use of the offer right away.

How to make Free international calls using Pennytel?

Well, you are required to register to PennyTel service first. In order to do that visit this promotional offer page, look for signup link, fill in your email address and wait for the email from PennyTel. You will then receive the detailed account information such as user name, web password, VoIP password in your mail. For me, it took almost 15 minutes for the mail to arrive. No initial deposits or credits is required to start making free calls.

Since you are registering using the promotional offer link, there is no need to re-enter your username in the link given above. You can make free calls using PennyTel either by using their free iPhone app or by using the softphone launched from website to call straight from computer. There are other options as well, which I don’t suggest. One is via the landline (which requires paid ATA) and the other is via SmartDial from other mobiles. If you are a SIP user, these settings will help:

SIP Proxy :
Domain :
SIP Register : Yes
Preferred Codec : g729, g723
Port : 5060

Note that for Australia, New Zealand and UK, the free calls is to landline only, excluding calls to mobiles and special numbers. Other countries of Canada, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, both calls to mobile phone and fixed line is free.

Make hay while the sun shines! Make calls while the service is free!


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