A PDF editor is an indispensable tool for someone who regularly works with PDF files. But just like other programs, not all PDF tools are created equal. Most free tools come with just the basic PDF manipulation features, whereas others, which have an extensive feature set, often require a subscription/license cost.

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UPDF is an exception to this rule. It’s a powerful PDF editor, available on all major platforms, that gives you access to many of the popular PDF manipulation features that are otherwise limited to the paid version on most PDF tools.

UPDF is currently running a special offer where one can purchase a single license and can use it across four platforms (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS) without having to pay for each individually.

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Let’s dive in to check out UPDF in detail to find out what makes it one of the best PDF editors.

What Is UPDF?

UPDF is an all-in-one solution for all your PDF manipulation needs. It has a clean and intuitive interface with buttons for all the different functions it offers laid out up front for easy access. Similarly, it’s also easy to use, and you can perform pretty much any operation on it with a few simple steps.

Talking about functionality, UPDF offers support for a wide range of PDF operations. For instance, you can use UPDF to read PDF files, annotate them, edit them, or lock them using a password to restrict their access. In addition, the tool also lets you compare PDF files to identify their differences and merge or split PDFs to store or share them with others efficiently.

UPDF is available on all major desktop and mobile platforms: Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. As a result, you can start creating or working on a PDF file on one device and pick up where you left off on another. Plus, being available on a mobile device also means you can sign PDF documents on the go.

UPDF Features

UPDF gives you access to the following PDF features under one roof. Some of these features are available on all platforms, while others are limited either to the desktop or mobile version of the program.

  • Open and view PDF files
  • Edit PDF files
  • Convert a PDF file
  • Basic PDF manipulation (rename, move, duplicate, etc.)
  • Encryption a PDF using password
  • Set a permission password to limit modification
  • Flatten PDFs
  • Optimize and reduce PDF file size
  • Compress and print PDFs
  • Merge and split PDF files
  • Scan documents to turn them into searchable and editable PDFs
  • Fill out PDF forms
  • Export PDFs in different formats
  • Save a PDF as a PDF/A file

What Can You Do With UPDF?

Being a full-fledged PDF tool, UPDF allows you to perform a range of operations on your PDF files. Below is a breakdown of some of the operations that can come in handy if you work with a lot of PDF files.

Read a PDF File

updf pdf viewer

UPDF features a built-in PDF reader that makes opening and viewing PDF files super easy. It supports several pre-defined layouts for this, such as single-page view, two-page view, scrolling view, and two-page scrolling view, which you can pick to personalize your PDF viewing experience. Alternatively, you can play a slideshow of your PDF files too.

The UPDF viewer also supports features like bookmarking and searching specific text in a file. Using these options, you can find any content in a PDF file easily and save it for later.

Annotate PDFs

annotate pdf files in updf

When reading PDF files, there’ll be times when you might want to annotate something you find interesting. UPDF understands this and offers an annotating tool, which you can use to highlight and underline important text in your PDF document, strikethrough incorrect text and add a suitable comment, and even add stamps and stickers.

Moreover, this annotator also lets you add signatures to your PDF files. So, depending on your preference and requirement, you can either create a signature manually or use an electronic equivalent.

Edit a PDF File

updf built-in pdf editor

UPDF’s biggest highlight is its full-fledged PDF editor. It’s easy to use and enables a range of PDF operations to help you edit and modify your PDF documents.

Editing text, images, and links in a PDF file are some of the basic operations you can perform inside the UPDF PDF editor. Plus, depending on the subscription plan and the device you’re using UPDF on, you can also change the backgrounds of PDF documents and adjust various text properties, like font, font style, and color.

Similarly, the editor also lets you watermark PDF files to help you prevent others from distributing/using your work. You can choose a watermark type based on your preference and modify its appearance on the document as required.

Organize PDFs

pdf organizer

If you’re creating a PDF file in UPDF or planning to restructure one, its built-in page organizer can come in handy and save you some time and effort.

It can simplify various PDF organization tasks like adding new pages, removing existing ones, rotating pages, and rearranging and reordering them. In addition, the UPDF organizer can also help you split a PDF file into multiple PDF files or merge multiple files into a single PDF document.

Convert a PDF File

updf pdf converter

When dealing with PDF files, you’ll sometimes want to convert them into another file format, perhaps to share them with someone, upload them to a website that doesn’t support the PDF format or open them in another application.

UPDF offers a built-in converter to help you with such requirements. It facilitates PDF conversion into various file format types, ranging from those used in Microsoft Office to text, HTML, and a bunch of commonly-used image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.

Plus, UPDF also gives you the option to convert a PDF file into a PDF/A equivalent, which is a commonly used format for archiving and preserving electronic documents.


updf ocr

Last but not least, UPDF comes with support for OCR recognition in over 30 languages. So, for all those times when you want to convert a document into a scannable and editable PDF file, you can simply turn to UPDF, and it’ll help you achieve that in a few simple steps.

Similarly, UPDF also supports reverse conversion, which allows you to convert searchable PDFs into image-only PDFs. It’s a useful feature that you can use when you want to prevent people from searching text in your PDF files or making changes to their content.

UPDF Plans and Pricing

UPDF is mostly free to use and, as we mentioned earlier, offers access to most of the common PDF manipulation features with this plan, which should fulfill most of your requirements.

However, for those who need more, UPDF offers two paid plans that offer access to its entire feature set: Annual and Perpetual. The Annual plan costs $49.99 every year, whereas the Perpetual plan gives you lifetime access to UPDF for a one-time fee of $99.99.

But as of writing this, UPDF is running a discount on its paid plans, which brings down the pricing to $29.99 for the Annual plan and $49.99 for the Perpetual plan. You can find the link for the special discount further up in the article under the text “Try UPDF for free.”

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