Guest post by Hyderali.

Google Analytics is one of the popular products from Google for the webmasters community and is one of the best analytics software available online & that too for Free. Though, the analytics team is putting their every effort to eradicate any loopholes in the product.

If you are using Google Analytics, you may know that under Traffic Source –> Referring Sites, you can view the sites link through which people visited your site. But the link which generally displays is not the whole link only the part of the link. For ex: – Below I’ll explain you how to obtain full URL of a link through referral with a simple method.

  1. Login into your analytics Account
  2. Click on Filters Manager
  3. Click on Add Filter
  4. Write Filter Name ->  Full Referral
  5. Filter Type ->  Customer Filter ->  Advanced
  6. Field A -> Extract A -> Referral -> (.*)
  7. Leave Field B -> Blank
  8. Output to-> Constructor -> User Defined -> $A1
  9. Field A Required -> Yes
  10. Field B Required -> No
  11. Override Output Field -> Yes
  12. Case Sensitive -> No


Generally, it takes around 24 hours for Google to update their data, so after filling the info, check your Google Analytics account after a day, and you’ll see your full referral link in User Defined & it is located under Visitors Category.

This was a guest post by Hyderali, who is a SEO Analyst at Channel Frog. He loves babbling about SEO, analytics, blogging, SEM, social media etc. You can follow him at twitter @hyderali_

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