When we talk about Apple, everyone knows that it stands for cool, reliable and innovative products. All these are perfectly balanced with the product beauty into an amazing combination. Through innovation, Apple has managed to turn some simple boxes of wires into stylish, must-have items. As Apple proves us it day by day, it can change our lives and ensure a much better future.

However, the better future does not only address to Apple’s customers but also to the company itself. Even though there are many competitive products, Apple seems to be the only developer that can stand up against one of the fiercest competitors in this market: Microsoft. Apple devices have always been innovative and reliable, thing that propelled the developer on top. Moreover, over the past few years, Apple has branched out, improving its technologies upon users’ requirements and introducing a series of excellent device and applications such as iPod and iTunes.

Apple focused on iPod and transformed it into an indispensable product through its unique user interface that ensures a great ease of use. Moreover, Apple’s iPod became an accessory that goes hand in hand with different merchandises, continuing to make a fashion statement. Of course, besides iPod, Apple maintained the same development pace for all its products. The fact that Apple knows how to branch out its brand and products reflects on its financial results. This way, the last few years show a steady increase of the company’s revenue, which brings it great profits.

Analyzing Apple Inc.’s financial results of the last four years, from 2007 until 2010, we are able to see that its total revenue increases yearly with a medium pace of 20,77%. This way, Apple reported in 2007 a revenue of $24,578 million, four years later, in 2010, it registered the total revenue of $65,225 million. The reports show a medium increase of $13,549 million every year, which is represented by the following diagram:

apple and its financial future: where will it be in 10 years? - s1

If Apple maintains the same upward trend, after 10 years it will probably report revenues of $200,715 million. This predictive analysis is much clearly exemplified by the following graphic.

apple and its financial future: where will it be in 10 years? - s2

Of course, the predictive reports are valid only and only if Apple will maintain the same trend that it has shown over the last years. For this thing to happen, Apple needs to value its strategies in the same way it did until now and keep on developing some great and truly competitive products. For the moment, Apple is considered as the ultimate symbol which outclasses many competitive products, its famous brand being a true sign of excellence.

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