Android devices have revolutionized the way we live. Android based Smartphones are helping in both personal and professional lives. Most of the tasks performed on the computer are being performed through Smartphones as well. The key strength of Android phones is the versatility of applications besides sheer processing powers and memory capacities. As the popularity of Android has grown over the years it has also surfaced many new challenges in terms of security. There are a number of android security apps in the android market. Not all of these applications will behave similarly or deliver a similar kind of features. You should be able to select Android applications with decent performance along with the capability to detect and block infectious code.

The most dangerous way through which malware enters your mobile is through the installation of gaming and other productivity applications. These applications pose as if they belong to genuine brand. In order to prevent such kind of occurrences you should do a little homework by searching for the legitimacy of those applications. The time you spend to check the authenticity of these applications will help you not take risks with your precious mobile and the data present in it.

Even though malware attacks on mobile phones is less when compared to the attacks that happen on a computer connected with internet, it is wise to install efficient tools to arrest potential threats on your mobile. A number of security features will be incorporated in a single android application. As mobile phones and their usage are in the evolving stages, it will take time to get a single application which serves all kinds of needs. Concerted efforts by developers and mobile power users will help to launch new applications that will be more relevant to the current age challenges.

Of the available most prominent android security applications, only 15% applications have efficient detection rates. Avast, F-Secure and Kaspersky are some of the prominent applications which will also offer value added services such as remote wiping and locking features in addition to the dedicated security functionality. Well known security applications have both paid and free versions.

Protection software is useful to protect your mobile phones. In addition to theft protection these applications scan files and take backup of contacts, images, audio and visual data, email and text messages. Some applications are offering the ability to control the Smartphone through the website.

Here are some of the suggested Android security apps for better protection of your mobile phones are listed below –

  • Missing Device Locator feature will help trace the mobile if it is lost. The ability to wipe off sensitive information through remote operation and the ability to find the missing device on the map are worthy features in addition to the malware protection offered by this application.
  • Lookout Mobile Security offers both free and paid versions.
  • Norton Mobile Security Beta is available for download at free of cost.
  • WaveSecure Mobile Security is based on subscription only.
  • AVG Antivirus which has established its presence in the market for many years offer a free version.
  • NetQinantivirus is another free application.

Even though some of the anti-virus tools are available at free of cost, their power is not diminished. They are capable of prevention of entry and are able to detect and nullify any security threats on your mobile phones. Hence, you can select an Android application which is closer to your budget and which given decent protection not only when the mobile is in your hands but also when it was stolen.

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