As they say riding a motorcycle is an art by itself and riding it in rain is definitely an art filled with perils. Unlike cars, while riding a motorcycle or any other two wheeler, the rider is exposed to the air, he along with his machine has to cut through the air and overcome the resistance from the same. In a rainy situation, apart from the skids and harsh weather, one more very important thing is that the rider has to clear his helmets visor every now and then.


This can become a painful exercise, and unclear vision has often lead to accidents. Rainpal is a new product that wants to solve the helmet visibility problem in rains with its wiper mechanism for the helmets. The automatic wiper system has been engineered in India, designed in Czech and is currently being manufactured in China.

The wiper comes as an attachment that can be clamped to any helmet visors almost instantly. The wiper mechanism will be of help to the visor even at speeds up to 160Km/hr thanks to the tiny suctions and the clamps.

Just like in the cars, the wiper comes with an adjustable speed toggle and also a water jet spray which will clear your visor by spraying water on it. The water is supplied through and internal reservoir which is in turn connected to a larger external reservoir.

Raipal is secured to the visor with a 1 mm water tight seal which should ensure that there is no seepage of water in the helmet whatsoever. The extensive use of rubber material will ensure that there is no untoward rattles or vibrations. The wiper blade is spring loaded and seems to be a bit delicate but with a clearance of 140-Degrees it should be able to wipe off the major area of the helmet.


The wiper would also prevent your visor from fogging up as the cold water from the rain would be washed away almost instantly. Rainpal will be sold in different variants – while the basic one will come with a visor mounted controls, the top of the line variant will offer a wireless control for the wipers – which can be fitted anywhere convenient on the bike. The clamps will also come with illuminating LEDs which will guide you to install the mechanism at night. Rainpal can be charged by a normal USB port and a charge will allow it to operate straight out for 90 minutes and turning on the intermediately mode will spruce up the battery life to 180 minutes.

The Rainpal starts from £59  (apprx.Rs 4,368)and extends all the way up to £99 (apprx. Rs 7,330), the video below will clearly explain how the attachment works. That being said if you don’t want to spend money on a complete mechanism and instead are fine with a crude method you can also check out the hand wiper here.

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