Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? Technology per se has come a long way and perhaps it is now that we will understood what the evil queen in Snow White actually meant by a talking mirror. No we are not going to tell you a fairy tell but instead will bring you in terms with something more realistic and usable. Naked Mirror, is the latest piece of innovation that can track your body changes whenever you peek at the mirror.


The Naked Mirror seems to take the fitness thingy a step further and is designed to avoid confusion about your body thus eventually helping you to keep the spirits high. The Naked 3D fitness Tracker is essentially a mirror packed with sensors that takes 3D scan of your body, on a rotating scale. CEO of Naked Labs, Farhad Farahbakshian explained how people lose motivation after 6-weeks of workout and they tend to stick along with wrong metrics. Furthermore, the Mirror also checks out your body for any structural abnormality. The company claims that unlike the fitness tracker which usually tracks the activity the Naked keeps a tab on all body vitals including the info on how the workout is actually affecting your body.

The most interesting feature is the insights which tries to figure out any abnormalities in your body shape and try to warn you about the same. It can also judge which part of your body is more prone to an injury and will suggest workouts accordingly.


Naked Labs want to create an ecosystem of fitness trackers by letting them sync with the Mirror. This is something that might pave way for an ultimate Fitness tracking and body maintaining solution. The word is that Naked Labs might work with Apple and FitBit in order to come with an API that will let the companies integrate their products with the Mirror. The scale and the Mirror connect via Bluetooth and the images are sent to your phone through Wi-Fi, additionally the scale can also be docked at the bottom of the mirror for charging.

All of this tech is packed in a rather elegant and sleek frame that is available in different colors. The cost for the Mirror also seems reasonable enough at $499 but this is something that might be hiked after the initial bout of selling. The Naked Mirror will start shipping only from start of next year and as opposed to other fitness device the price seems to justify the features it has on offering.

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