Ever found yourself fumbling for your keys in the rain, only to drop them in the dark?

Ever wished to let your house helps into your home without giving them a physical key?

Have you ever questioned whether you locked your front door while going to drop your kids at school?

What if there was a world where you could lock or unlock doors with your smartphone, allow or deny access to your home remotely, and even receive alerts when your door is unlocked?

atomberg sl1 smart door lock review

These are the everyday inconveniences and anxieties that smart door locks aim to solve. These clever devices let you control, monitor, and grant access to your home all from your mobile device.

Atomberg, which has made quite a name for itself in India for its smart BLDC fans and mixer grinders, has come out with its first-ever smart door lock, the Atomberg SL 1. Can this new offering from a new company secure its place among significant competitors like Yale and Godrej? We’ll be answering that, along with a few others, in this Atomberg SL 1 smart door lock review.

Atomberg SL1: Installation and Setup

As with any new technology, initial apprehensions are quite common. A common worry is the perceived potential damage to the door during installation. It can seem intimidating to install a piece of high-tech equipment at a key point of entry.

However, we should note that smart lock manufacturers like Atomberg have designed their products with user-friendly installation in mind. Indeed, most smart locks are designed to fit the existing mortise lock hole with little to no modification required.

atomberg sl1 installation

The installation process of the Atomberg SL1 Smart Door Lock involves mounting both front and back panels, installing the mortise, strike plate, and key cylinder, and configuring access via fingerprint control or a smart app.

In our case, the installation was free and relatively simple but required a considerable amount of drilling. Please note that the door thickness must be at least 35 mm, as it is equipped with five high-quality stainless steel bolts.

Atomberg offers free smart lock installation in many cities across India, details of which can be found on their website. If not, you get a printed template within the box that can be used by a carpenter to drill holes and grooves in the door.

Setup after installation was super easy. You have to install the Atomberg Home app (available for Android and iOS) and follow the on-screen instructions to add a new device. In our case, we already had the app installed since we use Atomberg fans. The app scans for nearby Bluetooth devices and lets you add the smart lock with a tap. Once done, you can go to the settings to configure and personalize the app.

Design & Smart Features

atomberg sl1 review

One of the most important features of smart door locks is their improved design and appearance compared to traditional mortise locks. The Atomberg SL 1 is made of high-quality aluminum and is available with a glossy finish in black or rose gold. We chose the rose gold version, which fits well with the design of our front door.

The classy design goes down well with almost everyone, but what about the functionality? The SL 1 shines with five sophisticated unlocking options.

Unlocking Mechanisms

Diverse unlocking methods serve as a remarkable attribute of this Atomberg SL1 Smart Door Lock, providing users with five different options – fingerprints, PINs, access cards, a dedicated home application, and mechanical keys.

atomberg sl1 unlocking mechanisms

  1. Fingerprint unlock: Utilises biometric technology to ensure unique access for each user.
  2. PIN access: Offers four distinct types of pins –
    • Permanent PIN for homeowners
    • Guest PIN for temporary visitors
    • Periodic PIN for recurrent entries like house help or dog walkers
    • One-time use PIN for singular occasions
  3. Access cards: Ideal for non-tech savvy individuals who prefer traditional yet smart means.
  4. Smart Home app: Enables remote control over the lock system via the Atomberg Home App.
  5. Mechanical keys: Backup physical keys for those who prefer the old-school way of unlocking.

The simple aspect of not having to worry about keys or whether the door is locked or not is very liberating in everyday use. Most of us would use fingerprint access for daily use. Since the app supports 100 fingerprints, we decided to register multiple fingers for each person in the house as a backup.

atomberg home app

Timed PIN access is another useful feature that most people will have a use case for. You can ensure that your household help or other recurring entries only have access at a certain time on certain days.

Access cards and mechanical keys are primarily used as a backup for unforeseen circumstances. Ideally, you should keep them with a close friend or relative to avoid potential security risks. That way, if you lose your phone or have problems with fingerprint access or PIN, you can still rely on backup options to enter your home. When implementing smart access technologies, it’s important to strike a balance between convenience and security.

The benefits of fingerprint access and timed PINs go beyond the convenience of not having to worry about physical keys. They also offer a sense of control and flexibility in managing access to your home. With the ability to enroll multiple fingerprints and set specific access times for specific people, you can customize the system to meet your specific needs.

atomberg home app

The snoop protection feature also increases security effectiveness by requiring a random string of numbers before and after the actual pin entry during the unlocking process, further ensuring data security and protection from potential intruders or prying eyes.

While SL 1 brings in every possible smart feature that’s possible with a BlueTooth-enabled smart door lock, the lack of WiFi can be felt by power users. Although it’s not wise to expect WiFi functionality at the price point it’s sold at, we can’t help but miss features like live notifications when the door is unlocked and integration with other smart home products like security cameras, video bell, etc., through Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri.

Having said that, the inclusion of WiFi introduces more complexities and security breakpoints, which can be of concern for many people. Overall, Atomberg SL1 feels like the right mix of features and security.

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Data Security Measures

Aware of the growing concern over data security, the Atomberg SL1 Smart Door Lock features robust measures to ensure that user data is securely stored on India-managed servers with end-to-end encryption.

The device stores all user data, including fingerprints and access codes, in India rather than overseas in China, like many competing products. This approach ensures compliance with local data protection standards and regulations while reducing potential latency issues associated with accessing data stored internationally.

Manual Deadbolt Function

manual deadbolt

A manual deadbolt is helpful for privacy as once it is on, no one can access the door, even if they have access to fingerprints, access cards, or PINs. This feature is especially useful when staying or sleeping in a house for a long time, as it gives a sense of security and control.

The function of the manual deadbolt can be divided into four main features:

  1. User Control: Users can manually lock their doors from the inside for added protection.
  2. Easy Operation: Despite its high-end technology, operation remains straightforward – a simple twist locks the lock.
  3. Integration with Technology: Although it’s a physical barrier, it integrates seamlessly with the lock’s intelligent functions.

This functionality complements well with sophisticated access methods such as fingerprints or PIN codes while providing traditional security measures against unwanted intrusion attempts.

Atomberg SL1 Smart Door Lock Review: Verdict

atomberg sl 1 review verdict

In conclusion, the Atomberg SL1 Smart Door Lock is a robust and convenient home security solution. Its various unlocking mechanisms adapt to different user preferences while ensuring a high level of security.

The Atomberg SL1 competes with the likes of Qubo Smart door lock Elite, Yale YDME 100 NxT, and Godrej Catus Touch Plus and still manages to hold its own in terms of features and performance. The price point of Rs 13,499 makes it a competitive option for those seeking a reliable and advanced smart door lock without breaking the bank.

The data protection measures and secure storage location boost confidence in the product’s security features. The flexibility of the PIN variations further enhances ease of use. The combination of technical sophistication, convenience, and security make this lock an optimal choice for modern home security solutions.

Buy Atomberg SL1 Smart Door Lock

  • Classy design
  • Local servers for data protection
  • Manual deadbolt
  • Flexible app features
  • Lacks Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Limited coverage for free installation
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The Atomberg SL1 has many things going for it, including the classy design, five different ways to unlock, and India-based servers for better security. Here is our review.

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