Tech followers have seldom had a busier time with companies pitching not just devices and services but even ads highlighting them in the media. Just how much up to speed are you with these developments? Try the crossword (which is back after a brief sabbatical, and will now stay for good) to find out.


1 The new version of the planet from the master of search. Takes you places and now also tells you stories. (6,5)
4 What a To-Do, Microsoft, just to give an alternative! (10)
6 Microsoft just added some machine learning and AI to your selfie donuts! (9)
10 This company believes that fitness trackers are all very fine. As long as they look like a good old watch. (5)
12 Dear ads, get ready to get booted off this browser. Google is all set to block you. (6)
14 Just what an ostrich needs to fly. And we don’t mean an Elton John song! (4,2)
16 It must be upset. Mrs Funnybones kept walking around saying “Okay, Google” to it!


2 Fire in the Amazon, run run run and watch those shows on TV! (2,5)
3 The Mix, S8 and G6 totally hate these display flankers. (6)
5 A Mi Mix killer that is more affordable? Oh Gee, do we want to doo the Boogie! (6,3)
7 A different colored Apple. All for a good cause. (7,3)
8 Wanna hang out in VR? Facebook has just made it easier for you! (6)
9 After being nothing like anything, they are now back and blurring the background. It’s an ad ad world! (8)
11 This brand just put a Bee in the bonnet of every brand in the budget phone category. (5)
13 VR glasses that are as expensive as a high-end PC? That’s virtually so unreal, HTC.
15 Note-Able and Power-ful are the new devices from Micromax. (4)

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