When you go online, you are surrounded by information that is both good and bad. While you can always argue about what’s good and what’s bad, the funny stuff, such as memes, are neutral and can help you relieve boredom. Memes or jokes can instantly revive your bad mood and help you overcome stress. You can rely on media apps like Instagram, Facebook and the like to have fun, but if you’re not on Reddit, then you’re missing out on some of the funniest subreddits.

funniest subreddits for memes

We at TechPP present to you some of the best and funniest subreddits you can check out to always have a smile on your face when you’re feeling down. It’s easy to find a subreddit that matches the topic of your choice. But if you need an instant dose of laughter, you can visit the subreddits directly in this guide.

Funniest subreddits to have some fun

As mentioned above, there are several subreddits dedicated to funny content. This list may or may not include them, as it is based on their popularity and personal usage. You can always suggest your favorites in the comments below. Here are TechPP’s picks for the funniest subreddits:

r/Instant_regret – You won’t regret this one

If you love clips of people doing stupid stuff or failing at something (which we all do) that leads to undesirable consequences, then you should check out one of the funniest subreddits, Instant_regret. You’ll see videos of people doing stupid things and be amused by how they do things that shouldn’t be done. Instant_regret is a good place to kill time and scroll through videos that you can laugh at instantly. This subreddit makes you realize how stupid people in the world are and helps you feel proud of your choices.

top funniest subreddits


r/holdmybeer – Where drunk people make you laugh

Drinking alcohol is never a good idea, because it’s often said that the things you do after a pint of wine aren’t really worth talking about. The holdmybeer subreddit is one of the funniest subreddits because it contains pictures and videos of people drunk and doing stupid things. You’ll see a lot of stupid things that drunk people do that are sure to make you laugh. You won’t find any deadly or cruel things in this subreddit because it’s all about funny, shareable and ridiculous content.

top funniest subreddits


r/StartledCats – Cats will make you laugh

If you are a cat person, then the StartledCats subreddit should definitely be the one that you should check out. Cats are adorable, but when they do silly things, then they are meme-worthy. In fact, most of the memes are made of cats. In this subreddit, you will find cats that get startled by moving objects, stationary things, or even just by their owner’s call. This subreddit is filled with hilarious videos of cats reacting to sudden movements and doing funny activities. You will love scrolling through the videos in the StartledCats subreddit.

top funniest subreddits


r/AnimalsBeingDerps – Animals are fun

Another fun subreddit you should check out is AnimalsBeingDerps, which is all about animals. Here you will find cats, dogs and other animals doing funny things and making you laugh. The videos on this subreddit feature animals doing silly things and just being themselves; if you have a pet at home, you can relate to some of the videos as well.

top funniest subreddits


r/DIWhy – Far from perfect DIY projects

We all love watching DIY videos where someone makes amazing things from readily available materials without any expertise. Well, sometimes you have to rely on expertise because not everything can be labeled DIY and do it yourself. Check out the r/DIWhy subreddit for a long list of DIY mishaps that are sure to make you laugh. You’ll come across some of the worst and most bizarre DIYs that you shouldn’t have done. This subreddit is sure to make you think that duct tape can’t fix everything.

top funniest subreddits


r/ThereWasAnAttempt – Videos about failed attempts

It is a well-known fact that everything you do does not have to be successful on the first try. You have to try many more times to cross the line. However, not only do we learn from these failed attempts, but sometimes they also provide us with funny content, all listed under one of the funniest subreddits, ThereWasAnAttempt. You’ll find videos about animals or people doing things that make a mockery of them. You’ll laugh at the failures of people or animals and there’s content that can keep you scrolling for hours.

top funniest subreddits


r/Me_IRL – Find memes based on actual life

If you are looking for relatable memes, then you should try Me_IRL. In this funny subreddit you will find memes, i.e. photos, videos, GIFs, screenshots, etc. that show who you are and how you would feel in a certain situation. The memes have a high recognition value and you will find many memes that you can identify with in your everyday life. Me_IRL stands for “Me in Real Life” and is sure to give you access to memes that you will enjoy looking at and laughing at.

top funniest subreddits


r/perfectlycutscreams – Cuts the videos at the right time

Comedy videos are fun, but what if someone cuts the video just when the punchline or the scream is supposed to come? On the perfectlycutscreams subreddit, you’ll find videos that are cut at the exact moment someone wants to scream. While we’ve come across many videos that didn’t make the cut, the ones that are perfectly done are guaranteed to be a treat.

top funniest subreddits


r/WholesomeMemes – Positive memes your way

If you want to watch memes and laugh, you should check out WholesomeMemes. On this subreddit, you’ll find memes from all over the internet that are not only designed to make you laugh, but also to convey something positive. The memes are not negative and are a good place to have a laugh. You’ll find the content mainly in the form of pictures, but there are so many that you can spend hours scrolling through the media.

top funniest subreddits


r/TikTokCringe – For the TikTok cringe fans

TikTok is filled with cringe-worthy content. If you’re not a fan of creating content for social media apps like TikTok, but enjoy watching cringe content, then TikTokCringe is the subreddit for you. Here you will find varied content that you can also filter with the ‘Humor’ filter. In addition, there is not only TikTok content here, but also other funny videos. Overall, it’s a good place to get access to all funny and cringeworthy videos.

top funniest subreddits


FAQs about Funniest Subreddits

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1. Which is the most popular subreddit?

With more than 54 million members, the r/funny subreddit is the most decorated humor repository you’ll find on Reddit. It has content for every type of person and genre. There are hours of content in the form of pictures, videos, GIFs and much more.

2. How do I find interesting subreddits?

Reddit has a subreddit search function that you can access at reddit.com/subreddits. Simply enter your search terms in the “What interests you?” field to find content related to your niche.

3. What is Reddit for fun (Rif)?

Rif, also known as Reddit for fun, was an Android app that was downloaded over 5 million times in the Play Store and was the main app for accessing Reddit. The app is now officially dead, but some say you can still use the app if you can get your hands on the APK. Don’t worry, we have a guide with some of the best alternatives to the official Reddit app.

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