It was a week when the announcements just would not stop at WWDC, when one Chinese brand updated a phone while another hinted that whatever its older model would be plus, it would not be Nougat. How much of this hectic week did you remember and how much did you miss? Find out by trying the twelfth edition of our crossword. And do not forget to share your scores with us…


1 The first thing you see in this phone is…yourself! Yeah, this Xperia is that shiny. (2,7)
3 What’s up, Messenger? Well, photo filters, quick reply, automatic albums…to state a few things. (8)
5 At 120 Hz, you gotta ask this device’s display – ARE YOU REFRESHED? (4,3)
7 Amazon’s first smartphone did not start the Fire, so maybe it is time to freeze the water for another phone-y attempt. (3)
8 See, Motorola! A budget phone with MediaTek inside? (4,1)
12 A dual lens camera on a phone that costs less than Rs 20,000? This brand has brought that to the market, so what if it is a mini version of a flagship!
13 The Z2 did not come but its lower priced, fun sounding counterpart did. And with mods too! (4)
15 The phone which is crying? That’s the OnePlus 2. It ain’t getting this sweet! (6)


2 The most powerful desktop…ever? Holy 18 core processors, Batman! (4,3)
4 2 TB of storage for USD 9.99 per month – a fruity offer from this fruity company. Yum! (5)
6 An update that adds bokeh to selfies? That’s A-One from this brand! (6)
9 It adds up to six. And will be coming on June 20! (8)
10 Wanna get high on Mac OS? Just update to the new version, folks. (6)
11 Those swimming in the unlimited cloud storage of this river have been left high and dry since June 8. (6)
14 No, it is not a typo in the name of the Lord of Olympus, but actually a tire monitoring system. (3)

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