It was a week in tech, so of course, it was hectic as hell (or heaven, depending on your inclination). Suffice to say it saw one brand asking us not to settle, while another insisted it was time to do just that, yet another reminded us that e-ink displays on phones were alive and well, and we saw apps that plonked digital objects into our videos. Oh yes, it a merry time for geeks all around the world. Try our crossword to figure out just how much of it you remember. And remember to share your score with us!


1 The Honor 8 Pro hashtag that took a poke at the OnePlus 5. (4,2,6)
4 The phone is still around, with a 5.2-inch display that would do a Kindle proud. Yoda would approve. (4,5)
5 Step aside, Apple’s Rose Gold, there’s a new rose shade in Taiwan from Samsung. (4)
7 This pod won’t sprout into an Apple tree, but it will sit nicely in your home and play music. (7)
10 Sold knives as a kid, got Uber successful as a man. And then left. (8)
11 Radio? Speaker? Transistor? Saregama seems to have combined all three in this ultimate destination for old Hindi music lovers! (7)
12 Skipped the deadly four to go straight to five. And has still not settled. (3,4)
14 This Goa-based start-up is coming up with a cloud-based wireless system for street lighting. (7)


2 The new destination for assembling the iPhone SE. (5)
3 The Sachin of smartphones. (3,5)
6 Put Spiderman in your videos, complete with movements and all. (4)
8 Wanna type? Just speak to this app from the Microsoft Garage. (7)
9 Did five of OnePlus open the door for six from this company? (6)
11 A 4000 mAh battery makes this Moto worth an extra see! (1,4)
13 The Note-able feature of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Go scribble! (1,3)

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