It has been a busy time in the world of technology. So busy that our puzzle team got puzzled about when to do the tech crossword. But now it is back in all its glory. And will stay (schedules have been so sorted). So think you know all about the latest in tech? Go right ahead and try to solve it. And do remember to share your scores!


3 This brand just made its canvas infinite, and at a damn low price too. (7)
5 Twist, lick, dunk comes to your Android phone,. (4)
7 Google’s reality is not augmented with Tango. (6)
8 Wanna make anonymous comments and compliments? Download! (7)
9 Forget the dual cameras, we are going aww over the return of this design element below the cameras on the Moto G5s Plus. (6)
10 These camera sensors are back in the phone world with the Nokia 8. (5)
12 Kodak’s famous one dollar camera sounds delicious. (7)
13 The phone with the e-ink display is back. (9)


1 Add movement to stills. There is an app for that. (10)
2 Watch out, from Fitbit. (5)
3 This company skipped over 7 Thank you, Redmond, we can now broadcast our gameplay. (5)
4 Master Chief is not the only one talking to Cortana, this Amazon is too. (5)
6 Statuses on his messaging app just lost the right to be colourless. (8)
8 Android’s most famous stylus makes a Note-able comeback after an explosive exit last year. (1,3)
9 Only this part of the LG Q6 is really future proof. (7)
11 Dear UI, Lenovo just killed you. (4)

Akriti Rana contributed to this post.

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