It has been a crazy busy time for tech with the curtain coming down CES and multiple device launches as usual. How much of it registered and how much passed you by? Test yourself in the first Great TechPP crossword of 2018. And remember to share your scores!


3 Not just a star sign for twins, also an Android device twinning with a keyboard. (6)
6 Daydreaming with Google, with the first standalone headset too. (6,4)
7 Trust Google to take some art and this to help you find your likeness in an art gallery. (7)
9 It is glassy, classy and even though one short of ten, is Honor-able. (4)
11 This once dominant twosome is allegedly cutting back on retail sector margins. Ouch. (4,4)
13 Ooh, we wanna be sneaky and check WhatsApp messages without generating a read receipt. There’s this app for that. (6)
15 No, no, it is not a rock act, just the third fitness wearable from that Huawei sister brand. (5,4)


1 It is NOT for shaving, notwithstanding the name of its manufacturer. It is an ultra sleek notebook shell for its phone! (7,5)
2 Oh Mi Gawd, these folks are manufacturing the USD 199 Oculus Go. (6)
4 The ayes are with the latest HTC U11 variant. No, we are not nosey. (4)
5 The Social Network wants us to be more inclined towards content from people rather than companies. We approve. (8)
8 The latest OnePlus 5T variant sounds…volcanically explosive. (4,3)
10 Want to access news, digital payments and messengers on your phone, without a data connection? Go take this Hike. (5)
12 Your Galaxy? It is on 7, Samsung. And definitely not composite, even though you sound like an Amazon feature. (5)
14 At long last, this brand started putting fingerprint scanners on the back of their devices, a change in Xperia-nce indeed. (4)

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