Netflix started out as a DVD rental services company and then it pivoted and reinvented itself as a streaming service. Netflix is best known for its Originals and the quality content it has to offer. They also have a production facility that helps filmmakers work on their projects. Netflix has revealed some interesting statistics about viewing patterns.

a staggering 70 percent of netflix streams happen on tv [report] -

According to Netflix, over 70-percent of the streams are done on TV and not on smaller devices like phones, tablets and PCs. This revelation is not exactly a rude awakening since Netflix has already been stressing the importance of TVs. It has, in fact, partnered with all the major TV OEMs for Netflix Recommended TV project. The statistics were part of the Netflix’s briefings for reporters at its Los Gatos headquarters.

Interestingly, a majority of the sign-ups are on non-TV devices and PCs in general account for 40 percent of the signups while the phones account for another 30-percent. Once again, it makes sense to signup on a PC or a Phone since you have to enter the payment details, something that is not exactly convenient to do so on a TV.

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The statistics show a drastic change in the viewing patterns of the new subscribers. While they start out by streaming on smaller displays, eventually after six months into the subscription, they move on to the largest screen in their house. In my opinion, this is what happens – new subscribers want to try out the Netflix shows and start doing so on the PC, smartphone or a tablet. However, once they see the value proposition, they will eventually move to a bigger screen. In my case, I moved on to a TV since the folks in my house could binge watch the Netflix shows together.

This report is important in showcasing one thing. As Peter Kafka from Recode says, contrary to the popular beliefs, not everything is moving to the phone.

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