It has been as hectic a time as any in the world of tech. There have been new tablets, new phones, apps, updates and a whole lot more. Did you miss anything? Find out by trying our crossword. And do remember to share your scores with us.


1 The game that gets you right into the shoes of a Syrian refugee. No fancy graphics, but hey, it is up for a BAFTA. (4,2,4,2)
4 Wonder how much Lagaan Vivo paid to this not so Secret Superstar. (5,4)
6 Huawei made an auto friend, and Design had a new Mate. (7)
8 What we thought an iPad for schools REALLY needed. Never mind that Apple did not heed our advice. (8)
9 Forget the name. This hybrid smartwatch does not come from a Chinese phone brand but from a brand known for navigation. How moving! (8,2)
10 Oh Mi, you look like the Notebook Pro. But all that hardware muscle means you are a Laptop for something else.. (6)
12 It is raining music at Jio, thanks to this tie-up. (5)
13 The river of e-reading continues to flow with a Lite version coming to Android (6)
14 In its new ad, Face ID makes stuff fly off the racks on to you. (3,6)


2 2S mixes wireless charging and dual cameras! (2,3)
3 It will not turn a light on, but Indian gamers will be over the moon to see it coming with Amazon Assurred delivery, (6)
4 it is a legendary name, but Zuckerberg must now be wishing Facebook had not gone to this Cambridge,. (9)
5 Everyone hated it. Now everyone wants it. Such is the iPhone’s X factor. (5)
7 The iPad has a new stylus and it sounds so colourful and waxy. (6)
11 Android said Go when this One came to India (5)

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