A quiet week in the world of tech? We know of no such thing. The last week was no different as far as hectic activity in the world of tech was concerned. There were launches, announcements, and the works. Just how much of it did you keep pace of? Check our crossword to find out. And do remember to share your scores. (Hint: reading TechPP should help you in your puzzle solving mission.)


3 Pro at Procrastination? You need this tool, Mac! (10)
6 It ain’t a Chromebook, but it makes Homework fun. (4)
7 Chipping out of Macs in the coming days. (5)
8 Cracking down on Cryptocurrency ads, one Chrome Extension at a time. (6)
9 One of the best reasons to buy the Vivo V9. (7)
11 This brand has brought in the first smartphones to Total-lay take a Hike. (5)
13 MiTV on the wall. And this wall on the MiTV. (5)
14 28 percent growth, and that is even before the P20 came to India. (6)
15 A cat, a dog and bokeh blurred out this superstar. Viva, Vivo. (5,4)


1 Prime news – your subscription just got extended by a year, just when it was about to run out. (8.3)
2 Go, and Nokia has got One as well. (7)
4 They never settle but seem to have settled on a notch this time. (3,4)
5 No handwriting recognition, but you can scribble on Pages with this now. (5,6)
10 The Story of How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars. (8)
12 Oh Mi, they added an S to their second Mix. (6)

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