It has been a busy time as usual in the ever hectic world of technology. It has been raining notches, cameras, phones and everything in between and beyond. Think you remember it all? Try our crossword, the only one with a tech flavor, and do remember to share your scores.


1 After a long Hello, he finally said Goodbye, Moto. (6,6)
5 Vivo’s latest phone just got a younger avatar. (5)
7 Nokia added paint to make metal feel like this on its 7 Plus. (7)
9 Blurring out the background? What’s the story, Instagram? (5)
11 In the jungle of Amazon, the Echo now has a face. (4)
12 First one in space, first name in cameras, and Huawei has three of them on the P20 Pro. (5)
14 Hack and slash frogs, with no blood and no slime – there’s an app for that. (11)
15 The Redmi Note 5 Pro has a new competitor and it is Maxed out to the Pro level. (7)


2 Welcome to the top five of the Indian smartphone market, oh Honorable brand. (6)
3 Game on, Nubia! (3,5)
4 A new Xiaomi pet brings a touch of Jaws to the mobile gaming scene. (5,5)
6 The Six is a “notch above” the 5T, it is confirmed. (3,4)
8 Chaaaaaarge…with or without wires, thanks to Toreto. (4,3)
10 Looking for a job in India? Just ask the friendly search giant. (6)
13 Minus the Pro, plus the Pencil, equals fun for homework. (4)

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