OnePlus 6 Avengers Edition: Premium with Avenge-ance!

OnePlus turns on the style

by: - Last updated on: May 20th, 2018

Special edition OnePlus devices are nothing new. We had the special midnight black edition of the OnePlus 3T with French brand Colette. The OnePlus 5 had a special edition from French designer Jean-Charles de Catstelbajac. And the OnePlus 5T had a Star Wars limited edition. Well, the OnePlus 6 already has its special limited edition, and it is based on the current rage in Hollywood, Marvel’s The Avengers: Infinity War.

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And let’s get this straight – the OnePlus Avengers Infinity War edition (to give it its full name) is the most striking special edition OnePlus we have ever seen. Yes, it has exactly the same dimensions and button placement as the regular OnePlus 6 (read our first impressions here), but unlike its predecessors which largely depended on a different shade and/or a logo to stand out, this OnePlus sees some serious design work, and is perhaps the most “stand out in a crowd” OnePlus we have seen for a while.

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The main reason for that is the back, just as in the OnePlus 6. Just as in the OnePlus 6, it is glass. But ah, there the similarity ends. For, lying under that glass is a Kevlar textured pattern that is similar to that seen on OnePlus phone cases. The light plays off the blacks and greys quite brilliantly. Shining on the upper part of the back is the OnePlus logo, and at the base of the back is the “A” logo of the Avengers franchise, with a tiny Marvel copyright icon. The sides also have a different touch – yes, the buttons are all black, but the alert slider (on the right again) is golden in color, so reminiscent of the red slider on the Star Wars edition.

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And that is not the end of the back magic – in the box is a case for the device that is shaped like Iron Man’s helmet. Yes, it will protrude a bit in your pocket, but then it is not meant to be pocketed. Pretty much like the device itself. This is OnePlus in full flaunt mode, although subtly so – the shine on the logos and the textured back do not scream for attention but attract it gently. There is also a golden tag with the Avengers logo on it inside, which is evidently part of a puzzle which can be put together for a special prize if one buys multiple units (an expensive proposition, but then there might be fans…)

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The hardware is the same as in the regular OnePlus 6, although in this case there is only one version – 8 GB/ 256 GB. The price is Rs 44,999, which might strike some as being on the higher side, but then is Rs 5,000 higher than the 8 GB/128 GB “regular” variant, and considering there is a Rs 5,000 gap between the 6 GB/ 64 GB and 8 GB/ 128 GB regular variants, the final price tag of the Avengers Edition is not too extravagant. That said, it is unabashedly premium both in design and pricing. Yes, it costs Rs 10,000 more than the base variant, but if there is a OnePlus worth flaunting, it is this.

An Avengers fan? We think you will be sore tempted to increase the number of phones you possess by plus one. Pun intended.

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