When it comes to earphones, the popular perception is that you have “got to pay to play” or well, you need to invest a significant amount of money to get good sound. Which generally means anything from Rs 1500 onwards. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, one of the most notable of which are Xiaomi’s Mi Earphones Basic, which is available for Rs 399 and do a decent job of delivering relatively clear sound and even a hint of bass. Well, they now have a potential challenger from the UK-based Ant Audio, which has released its Thump 504 headphones at close to the same price (Rs 499 or even lower, depending on where you get them from), and with the promise of more resounding bass.

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In design terms, the Thump 504 does not do anything exceptional or get anything wrong for that matter. You get the usual earbuds with cable and an in-line controller and mic, both of which are in a single plastic unit, and of course the 3.5 mm audio jack. The earbuds are however made of metal (aluminum alloy, to be exact), which we think is a good touch, and even better is the fact that the cable used to connect them to a device is a flat one, significantly decreasing the chances of tangling and breakage. Ant Audio says that the earphones come with 10mm drivers, which would seem par for the course for earphones at this price point. The inline controller has a single button which you can use to pause and skip tracks and also to take calls, and in a very neat touch, long pressing it invokes Google Assistant, which we think is kind of handy (this comes right out of the box, you do not have to do anything special for it).

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The earphones are relatively snug fits in the ear, although they might wobble just a little if you do not really push them in. There are two additional bud sizes in the box for those who have different ear sizes, but there’s no pouch in the box, which is hardly surprising given the price tag. The buds do a decent job of isolating noise when pushed in, but some might find them a little uncomfortable in that position. The single button controller is easily reachable and is easy enough to use.

What, however, really matters is the sound that the Audio Thump 504 delivers. And well, we can say that they do serve up a fair amount of bass, definitely more than what you get from the Mi Earphones Basic. Those who like their music with a lot of beats and thump to it will warm to these. The overall sound, however, is a little on the “softer” side, so those who want really sharp trebles might not like them as much. In simple terms, if you like music with a lot of percussion, these are terrific earphones, but if you are more into country and folk, you might find yourself yearning for a slightly “sharper” sound. Overall, we rather liked the quality of sound coming from these earphones and given the high proportion of people who like a slightly heavier bass element to their audio, we can see the Thump 504 getting its share of followers. Audio quality on the microphone was surprisingly good, so yes, you can use these for phone calls comfortably.

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So would we recommend these over the Mi Earphones Basic? It really boils down to how much Thump you want in your music, pun intended. If you like bass and want decent quality sound at an affordable price, then these are very good earphones indeed. We think the Mi Earphones Basic score on overall sound quality in terms of balance, but the Ant Audio Thump 504 scores not just on deeper bass, but also on better overall materials (the flat cable and the metal earbuds help). We would advise keeping an eye out for this brand.

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