There’s an old saying – “old habits die hard”, referring to how difficult it is for someone to change the way they have been following for many years. Though an old habit may have become a norm or a routine, it might not be the most efficient one. In today’s digital era where organizations have embarked on a digital transformation journey and are now reaping its benefits, it’s hard to believe that many businesses still follow the archaic way of document management.

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For any business – big or small – it has become a daily routine task to file numerous paper documents and archive them in gigantic file cabinets, which at times take more space than the office itself. Manual handling of paper documents not only is manpower intensive but can also be error-prone. Above that, there is a greater risk of paper documents getting damaged or lost through fire, theft or other disasters. It’s time that organizations bid adieu to the traditional manual way of document management, and adopt paper document digitization solutions to achieve efficiency, improve productivity and become cost-effective.

Business Can Be Simple

Canon, a global brand that has been ranked by IDC as the leading copier brand in Asia for 2018 as well as No 1 copier brand in India for H1 2019, follows the motto of ‘Business can be simple’. The philosophy behind the motto recognizes the dynamic shifts in the business environment and aims to reduce complexity by simplifying workflows. Through its diverse range of hardware and software solutions that include a wide portfolio of digital copiers, scanners, projectors and print, and document solutions, Canon offers a unique integrated approach for any business to achieve automation and streamline its existing processes.

automating complex and labor-intensive document processes to make businesses run simpler - canon business simple

Gone are the days where an employee had to handle piles of paper to recognize and index through different type of documents, all thanks to document scanning and document management solutions. Now, businesses can quickly sort multiple documents according to the content and move them into the respective digital folders for further processing. This has not only made document processing faster but has also spared the employees from repetitive manual tasks, allowing them to focus on more profitable and core business activities.

Automating Repetitive Tasks

Mandated by compliances and policies, businesses and government agencies must process and store paper documents. It is a laborious task to process the information from piles of paper documents and then index them up corresponding to different categories in the rows of filing cabinets, which required a substantial amount of manpower doing mundane work. Likewise, searching for relevant information stored in any of the filing cabinets is time-consuming and cumbersome.

automating complex and labor-intensive document processes to make businesses run simpler - canon business

Document scanning is an efficient way through which businesses can reduce the amount of paperwork and the unnecessary space occupied by filing cabinets. Such solutions not only save time and space by digitizing the paper documents but are also able to classify and index the scanned documents. Thus, automating the most labor-intensive aspect of document processing and bringing in speed and accuracy, which are essential for a business’s success and bottom-line.

Canon, which entered the Indian market in 1997, is a one-stop solution for all needs related to office automation as it has both hardware and software and saves the organizations from challenges related to dealing with multiple vendors.

Streamlining the Document Lifecycle

Canon’s IRISPowerscan is a document processing automation solution that captures the data from any incoming document and integrates it automatically to the business applications. It also indexes and exports the document as searchable files, which can be looked up through just a few clicks rather than an employee having to sift through piles of paper documents to find the relevant information. Thereby, helping an organization to save on costs, eliminate errors and boost employee productivity.

Besides digitizing the paper document, a business requires it to be stored and shared amongst the teams across various business processes. Extending the Canon’s document capturing capability is the document management solution – “Therefore” – that aids in automating the entire document lifecycle within an organization. This workflow automation reduces the time taken for processing and helps in minimizing human errors when it comes to handling and processing a large number of documents.

With India’s focus on digitization, businesses have the opportunity to simplify their document management by leveraging solutions such as Canon’s Therefore. By adopting new-age office automation solutions businesses will be able to improve their business success and bring unparalleled experiences to their customers.

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