They were both launched to take on the Redmi Note 7 Pro, the resident mid-segment champ in the Indian smartphone market. They both ended up being compared not only with their Redmi rival but also one of their Realme siblings. And now, they are being compared with each other. We are talking of the Realme 5 Pro and the Realme XT, both of which have hit the market within a month of each other, and while priced a little apart, seem rather similar in more ways than one. So similar that people are wondering which one to opt for.

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Well, you are very welcome to get to know more about these two phones in our detailed reviews of the Realme 5 Pro and the Realme XT. But if you would rather cut to the chase and compare them straight off, here you go. Hold on to those tech seat belts. This is one hell of a ride.

The XT is subtle, the 5 Pro is funky

Unlike the Realme X and XT (which we have compared as well), the Realme 5 Pro and XT follow very different design languages. While the XT adheres to a more subtle and understated stylesheet, the 5 Pro is drop-dead funky. The XT comes with a glass back and white and blue gradient finishes, that subtly reflect light in patterns. The 5 Pro comes with a plastic back in green and blue with an etched finish, parts of which glitter when in the light. Which one strikes a chord with you really is a matter of taste and preference, but we are going with the Realme 5 Pro simply because it will turn more attention – it even makes a virtue of having a fingerprint scanner on the back by putting a golden outline around it. The Realme 5 Pro is also less tall and wide than the Realme XT, although it is a gram heavier (183 to 184) and slightly thicker (8.9 mm against 8.6 mm).

Winner: Realme 5 Pro (shine on, you crazy diamond edges!)

You wanna AMOLED? You get an XT!

Both phones come with full HD+ displays. But there the similarity pretty much ends. The Realme XT bosses the 5 Pro totally in this department, as it not only sports a larger display (6.4 inches as compared to 6.3) but also has an AMOLED display as compared to the LCD one on the Realme 5 Pro. It is not as if the Realme 5 Pro has a bad display – far from it (it is actually a huge improvement over the Realme 3 Pro) – but it is just not in the same league as that on the Realme XT.

Winner: Realme XT (Led by AMOLED)

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They both serve the same chips (Yum!) and have similar memories!

Both the devices run on the same processor – the Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 AIE. It is a step above the Snapdragon 710 and a very good performer in terms of both gaming and power management. When it comes to storage and RAM variants, the two devices are again carbon copies of each other – both come with 4 GB/ 64 GB, 6 GB / 64 GB and 8 GB/ 128 GB RAM and storage variants. Both also come with support for expandable memory up to 256 GB via a microSD card. This is as all-square as a side of a cube!

Winner: Tie (totally in sync)

The XT has the camera megapixels, but can it make them count?

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Both phones are part of Realme’s quad-camera initiative, which has redefined camera expectations in the mid-segment. And each comes with a setup that seems broadly similar: the main sensor, a wide-angle sensor, a 2-megapixel portrait sensor (for bokeh) and a 2-megapixel macro sensor. They also have similar 16-megapixel front-facing cameras. There is, however, one difference, and that is a significant one: the main sensor on the 5 Pro is a 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor while the XT comes with a 64 megapixel Samsung GW1 sensor. Just as in the case of the Realme X and XT, the difference in quality between the two devices in terms of image and video quality is not exactly massive. You can get higher resolution shots from the XT but that’s about it. Both camera setups are excellent and among the best in their segment, delivering very good detail and colors. We are calling this one a tie, notwithstanding the megapixel count!

Winner: Tie (Four great cameras each – say cheese to equality)

Neck and neck in gaming…

With almost similar processor and RAM configurations, it is hardly surprising that both devices match each other in the gaming department. Yes, there will be the odd lag and stutter when you venture into them high-definition PUBG and Asphalt lands, but they will pretty handle casual games very smoothly indeed. We think the Realme XT has a slight edge thanks to its larger AMOLED display and we also think its sound quality is marginally above that of the Realme 5 Pro. Which is why we are awarding this one to the Realme XT, but it is a very close and subjective call.

Winner: Realme XT (some might disagree and prefer a tie)

…and in business as usual

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With such broadly similar configurations, it is not really surprising that both phones also end up matching each other in terms of general performance. Whether it was running multiple apps, surfing the Web on Chrome, keeping tabs on social networks, editing images and the like, both the Realme 5 Pro and the Realme XT sailed through them all with a modicum of ease. Some will find the XT’s larger display more convenient for viewing content, but then the more compact frame of the Realme 5 Pro counters that. We also found that the fingerprint scanner on the back of the 5 Pro worked a whole lot faster than the in-screen one on the XT. Another tie here.

Winner: Tie (joined by Normalcy)

Batteries united in capacity, but different in duration

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We had seen in the camera section that statistics are not the last word – the 64-megapixel laden Realme XT did not exactly floor the 48-megapixel toting Realme 5 Pro. Well, we see it again in the battery department. The Realme 5 Pro actually has a slightly larger battery (4035 mAh) than the Realme XT (4000 mAh), and also has a smaller display. And yet, it is the XT that has better battery life. The 5 Pro just about got through a day of normal usage, while the XT easily went past that mark. Both phones come with VOOC 3.0 support for quick charging and have a 20W charger in the box, but it is the XT that comes out on top.

Winner: Realme XT ( Oh mAhGawd!)

Hooray, the same software

Color OS on top of Android 9, with some Realme additions – that’s the software on both phones. Love it (wow, so many extra apps) or hate it (eww, so many extra apps) this is a tie from begging to end.

Winner: Tie (United Colors of Realme)

Saving money…like a Pro!

realme xt vs realme 5 pro: xt meets a familiar pro! - realme xt vs realme 5 pro 2

When it comes to price, the Realme 5 Pro pulls clear of the Realme XT – it starts at Rs 13,999 for the base 4 GB/ 64 GB model as against Rs 15,999 for a similarly configured XT. In fact, the 8 GB/ 128 GB variant of the 5 Pro has the same price as the 6 GB/ 64 GB variant of the XT: Rs 16,999. Just for the record, the 8 GB/ 128 GB variant of the XT is priced at Rs 18,999. Yes, it might bring a few more features to the table, but in terms of sheer price, the Realme 5 Pro wins this one.

Winner: Realme 5 Pro (showed us the money!)

Verdict: Pro or XT – which is the “real” deal?

Unlike the contest between the Realme XT and Realme X, where the XT was generally prevailing in most parameters (the X mainly scored on its premium feel), the battle between the Realme XT and the Realme 5 Pro is a much closer one. Both devices match each other in many regards, and we really think that at the end of the day, the key difference between the two is that AMOLED display on the XT. Yes, some might think the 64-megapixel camera of the XT will give it a clear edge over the Realme 5 Pro but so far the results do not bear that out.

realme xt vs realme 5 pro: xt meets a familiar pro! - realme xt vs realme 5 pro 7

Interestingly, even though the XT has the glass front and back, it is the 5 Pro that wins the looks stakes, simply because it is more eye-catching with that diamond-textured back. Asked to pick one, we would go for the Realme XT (buy link) for the display and the better battery life, but even with those we can see many being attracted to the Realme 5 Pro (buy link) simply because it looks very different and well, those bucks saved do make a difference (you can get the 8 GB/ 128 GB version of the 5 Pro for just Rs 1000 more than the 6 GB/ 64 GB one of the XT). The XT has the performance edge right now, but the 5 Pro is a very worthy challenger, thanks to its pricing. We will not ask you to choose wisely. Either of them would be a real bargain. As well as a Realme one!

(Akriti Rana contributed to this article)

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