The term “smart home” has been diluted quite a bit and is used as something we generally associate with a voice assistant answering your questions and controlling lightbulbs or thermostats. While it does constitute a connected IoT ecosystem, it does not fulfill the criteria of an entire smart home. A Smart Home in its true essence is where virtually every device is connected to one another and they are all connected to the internet.

puravankara atmosphere: smart homes just got smarter - purva atmos

Purvankara, a well-known and established brand in the real estate market in India is aiming to provide a true smart home experience with its latest upcoming property, Purva Atmosphere. Purva Atmosphere is a part of the brand’s World home collection which provides premium luxury facilities at affordable prices. While there are a ton of other amenities to go along with the apartment, the tech aspect of it is what we are interested in so let’s go over some cool technology that Purvankara is providing inside the apartment. It’s also important to note that Puravankara has partnered with BluNex Life which is a brand that deals with smart home technology.

Biometric Security

You no longer have to worry about losing your house keys, because you don’t even need them anymore! While biometric unlock is nothing new, it is embedded right into the door in this case, so you don’t need an additional lock. All the family members can unlock the door of the house with just their fingerprints.

Intelligent Lighting and Cooling

All the light bulbs in the house are connected to the internet and can be controlled either through voice or through a smartphone or tablet device. There are motion sensors present in various parts of the house that turn on/turn off lights based on if someone is present in the room or not, which is convenient and also saves a lot of energy. The centralized air conditioner too can be controlled via an app so if you’re on your way home, you can turn it on beforehand and your rooms will be cool by the time you arrive.

Voice Commands

This is quite regular with smart home devices linked to smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Echo devices. All your appliances can be controlled with voice commands so saying “turn off the TV” or “open the curtains” will perform relevant actions. You can also set a single voice command for multiple tasks, for example, saying the phrase “good night” can turn off all the lights, set a certain temperature for the AC, turn off the TV and close all curtains.


With Google Home integration throughout the house, you can basically give voice commands from wherever you are and play your favorite music or movies/shows. You can also play games with the Google Assistant or ask for information regarding the weather or the news.

puravankara atmosphere: smart homes just got smarter - puravankara atmosphere bluenex smart home

Fiber Optic Infrastructure

BluNex provides fiber-optic lines throughout the house for uninterrupted internet access. Not just your Wi-Fi router in the living room, but devices in every room in the house will be connected in order to enjoy an uninterrupted experience across multiple devices. Fast internet connection means your devices respond instantaneously and you need not register for a different internet connection from another ISP and go through any hassles. BluNex has also embedded Wi-Fi boosters throughout the house to make sure walls or other obstacles do not interfere with connectivity.

Dedicated Air Purification Tower

There’s no denying that air pollution is on the rise and the consequences can be scary. Breathing unhealthy air can cause several health issues and that’s exactly what this apartment complex aims to fix with a dedicated Air Purification Tower. All of us have come across air purifiers, many of you may probably be using them at home already. However, the solution that Purva Atmosphere adopts is on a much larger scale. While air purifiers inside homes let you breathe clean air while you’re indoors, the moment you step out, you are subjected to pollution. The air purification tower will filter the air within the apartment complex too which means even while you’re taking a walk outside or there are kids playing, the air is clean. The Purva Atmosphere is one of India’s first properties to adopt this technology on such a large scale.

puravankara atmosphere: smart homes just got smarter - puravankara atmosphere air purifier

These were a few of the highlighting features of the Purva Atmosphere with regards to the technology involved in making it a smart home. We even got a chance to speak to Mr. Abhishek Kapoor, COO of Purvankara group and had a brief conversation with him as to how he thinks the smart home concept is shaping up in India and how does it add to the convenience in everyday life. Here is a short interview with his views on integrating technology into homes.

As smart speakers and devices keep getting more and more common, we are inching closer towards the idea of complete smart homes and in the next few years, the adoption of such technology in the country is expected to go higher as more consumers become aware of the advantages of having such a convenient system. Purvankara is one of the first brands to offer a smart home solution like this in the country but we’re sure that other builders too will start implementing such solutions as this is the way to go in the future.

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