1MORE is an established competitor in the space of audio equipment and the brand is known to offer quality products at affordable prices. The 1MORE Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones-I (wonder who approved of the naming scheme) sticks to the premium quality assurance but isn’t really affordable at Rs. 5,999. We used the earphones day-in-day-out for the past two weeks and here’s our in-depth review of 1MORE Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones.

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Build Quality and Fit

Just like every pair of truly wireless earphones, these earbuds from 1MORE also rest inside a charging case that’s pocketable and easy to carry around. The case is, of course, made up of plastic but the quality is great. On first look, the case is quite reminiscent of that of the Galaxy Buds and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. While it is robust, the lid produces creaking noises when slight pressure is applied on either side of the hinge. This is due to the fact that 1MORE is not using a magnetic hinge but a push-button mechanism to hold the lid in place. There’s the 1More branding on top and a micro-USB charging port on the rear which is disappointing given that it’s 2020 and the pricing isn’t that aggressive either.

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Moving on from the case to the earbuds themselves, the housing is again made up of polycarbonate just like most other options in this segment. The earbuds are quite large and protrude out of the ear a fair bit when worn. Along with the silicon ear tips, there are ear hooks to prevent them from falling out of your ear while doing rigorous activities.

The overall fit of the earbuds is good, but how comfortable it feels in the ear is a matter of personal preference. We personally are not a fan of in-ear style earphones that go too deep into the ear canal and this is one of them, so we did not like the comfort levels while wearing them for too long. On the flip side, the sound isolation that you get due to this design is great. There’s 1MORE branding on the earbuds too which could’ve been avoided. There’s an LED each on both earbuds accompanied by a button to perform multiple functions. If you are a fan of the in-ear style design and primarily use earphones while exercising or at the gym, you will be happy with how these sit in your ears.

Sound Quality

Let’s cut straight to the point. For a price of Rs. 5,999, while the sound quality is great, there are much cheaper options that sound similar. That’s not discrediting the 1More Stylish earbuds. The sound signature is rich, and the vocals are crystal clear. The base is overpowering at times and is quite evident when it is. Also, at higher volume levels, the sound gets a little piercing to the ears as observed with the Realme Buds Air too. Support for the Qualcomm aptX codec makes them sound better and also reduces the latency so they’re a good pick if you watch a lot of videos/movies.

Call Quality

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Each of the two earbuds has a microphone onboard with the help of which 1MORE claims to be offering ENC or Environmental Noise Cancellation during calls. While we cannot vouch for the tech to be kicking off during calls, the call quality was good, and the other party could be heard clearly. The audio being transmitted was also heard clearly. There were some hiccups during calls while the phone was in the pocket, but they are rare to occur and are momentary.

Battery Life and Miscellaneous

The earbuds themselves lasted an average of 4 to 4.5 hours on a single charge during our usage and the case can top-up the earbuds three to four times which means you get a great battery life. You can go up to a week or even more without having to charge the case, depending on your usage patterns of course. The earbuds start charging automatically while resting inside the case.

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We used the earbuds with both Android and iOS and even MacOS and it worked absolutely fine with all platforms. You can pair the earbuds with multiple devices but can connect to just one device at a time. We also tried using these for playing PUBG and while the latency is low, they’re still not the best out there for gaming.

Should you get 1MORE Stylish TWS?

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For a price of Rs. 5,999 at the time of writing, there aren’t a lot of options available in the same price neighborhood, but there are plenty that is cheaper and offer a similar experience, if not the same level of audio quality. The Realme Buds Air, for example, has a better feature set but does not offer the same audio experience or battery life, but is considerably cheaper at Rs. 3,999. The JBL C100TWS has a similar design and also offers good quality audio for the same price as the Realme Buds Air. Yes, the sound signature is superior due to support for aptX and the battery life is great, but just these two factors aren’t compelling enough to recommend this despite the higher price. Had it been priced in the vicinity of Rs 4,999, the 1MORE Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones-I would have been an easy recommendation.

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