To streamline your business and boost productivity, you must understand the whats and hows of customer experience. Managing a business becomes a bit irresistible, especially when it is booming. You may have to run around all day long to keep up things to have your business moving forward. Emails piling up, Facebook comments waiting, the phone ringing, and customers needing attention – everything begins to add up when not dealt with on time. To facilitate this piled up office work, you must have a helpdesk software for your business. This is where Appy Pie’s help desk software – ‘Appy Pie Desk’ comes into the picture. Appy Pie’s help desk software helps businesses streamline workflows, organize customer queries and information, eliminate multiple manual processes by enabling automations, and much more.

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Appy Pie, known for its pioneering no-code app builder, has this brilliant help desk software, that enables you to centralize information, automate an issue resolution workflow, and keep everyone in-the-know with email alerts. Additionally, instead of waiting for someone from tech support to get help, your users can simply create and submit a ticket to the help desk team using a customizable web-based form or an email. Appy Pie’s help desk software receives, logs, and assigns the tickets to the appropriate support agents and experts automatically, making the procedure more convenient for all parties involved.

Before we go further and learn more benefits that Appy Pie’s help desk software offers, let us understand why it is important for you to have help desk software for your business.

Why You Need a Help Desk Software

Help desk software can help you make your business more productive. Using a help desk software is one of the best practices that your business can use. Here are a few more reasons why you need a help desk software for your business.

  • Builds trust and keeps you ahead of your competition
  • Executes quality customer support
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Handles customer’s queries
  • Attracts new customers
  • Saves valuable time
  • Boosts efficiency
  • Categorizes and Streamlines issues by importance
  • Prioritizes issues as per the deadlines
  • Improves overall workflow
  • Auto-assigns help desk tickets
  • Provides faster ticket resolution

Many businesses find it essential to use a help desk once they see a huge volume of issues coming in. A help desk software helps businesses save money over time and operate more efficiently. The primary objective of a help desk software is to focus on managing customer concerns. Customers like to be updated and know what status of their query is. A help desk software makes it easy for businesses to send out regular updates on the status of the ticket. You can keep your customers in the loop throughout the process of resolving the ticket.

Now that you know why you need help desk software to establish a better relationship with your users, let us go ahead and check out why you should go for Appy Pie’s help desk software.

Why Appy Pie’s Help Desk Software

Appy Pie’s help desk software lets you interact with your users through chat, email or social media. It handles the tickets created and does much more in one place with your own help desk support system. Let us go through the major benefits that it offers.

  1. Increased Efficiency

    With the help of Appy pie self-service knowledgebase, customers resolve simple queries themselves. They get in touch with the help desk in case they have unique and complex queries that make agents more efficient and productive in achieving the targets.

  2. Reduced Workload on Teams

    Appy Pie’s help desk software offers the self-service knowledge base that enables your customers to get answers to FAQs. It helps them stay updated to the latest expansions and developments which reduces the workload on different departments.

  3. Faster Customer Support

    Appy Pie’s help desk software offers an omnichannel common inbox that ensures that tickets created using multiple channels get resolved through a common platform. With this help desk system, you don’t have to switch between various channels of communication to provide resolution to your customers. The software warrants faster resolution time and hence happier customers.

  4. Transparency in Processes

    Appy Pie’s helpdesk software offers this common platform for all the departments to collaborate which promotes transparency in the procedures. This platform allows team members to work together and share information privately on several issues.

  5. Enhanced Performance with Regular Feedback

    With Appy Pie’s help desk software, customers can provide their feedback on the resolutions provided. These ratings and feedbacks help agents to improve their performance.

  6. Ticket Prioritization

    In Appy Pie’s help desk software, the supervisors can set the required measures about prioritizing certain tickets or give agents access to do so. This becomes extremely helpful in case of tickets where the customer experience has not been good and the interaction history with that customer has been less than satisfactory.

  7. Service Level Agreements

    Appy Pie’s help desk software helps your team in keeping track of the SLAs and ensures that they are not breached. By using a help desk management software, the managers can not only set the SLA targets but also, they can move things up if any ticket turns out to be a priority case.

Appy Pie’s help desk software is suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses. It offers various effective analytics and reporting tools, that can help you analyze the team performance as well as keep an eye on customer satisfaction level.

Appy Pie’s help desk software helps you create a community to connect & collaborate with your customers in a better way. With the help of this community, you can cater to a large pool of customers and keep them updated about your organization. You can also initiate discussions on popular queries, subjects, and critical topics and convert them to tickets if any further actions are required.

The tool helps you never miss a deadline and provide quick resolutions. It is backed by dynamic forms and ticketing systems that make it easy for your team to deliver more personalized customer support. It helps your support agents keep a track of the new and existing tickets and respond to the customers faster. With a user-friendly interface, the software makes it convenient for you to manage all your customers’ interactions on one common platform.

Go for Appy Pie Desk today to enjoy additional features like omnichannel inbox, 24/7 customer support, next-generation capabilities, etc., to deliver an excellent customer experience.

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