It has been a Note-able few days in tech, with Prime events and launches and Gamers getting New Republics, and non-Pixelated action. Find out just how up to speed you are with tech happenings, with our special crossword!


1 This pad went to Lenovo school, did some thinking and came back as an affordable book. (9)
3 The Same Song that was being Sung at number three is now a chartbuster at number two in Q2 2020 (7)
6 A Prime phone contender that is all nines from a brand that keeps going Mi Mi MI! (5)
9 Audio, Oppo style. (4)
10 Redmi Note 9 Pro’s identical twin, from another mother. (4,2,3)
11 This gaming republic just got a third phone. (4)
12 Lesser known, more affordable TWS that are gaining (on) Momentum. Tech’s getting Lyper…er…Hyper. (4)
13 The brand is all set to give you a Legiondary gaming experience in a Duel-worthy phone. (6)


2 Indian consumers now can say Hi to this very sensible television series. (7)
4 It may sound right out of Hogwarts, but his Notebook has a lot of Honor. (9)
5 The Glassic Gorilla got even tougher and more scratch-resistant. (6)
7 When you order a Note from the menu in India, it is served with these chips. (6)
8 If kidney beans went abroad to a different Galaxy, had a no strings attached relationship with the latest audio tech, we would get these as a result. (4,4)
10 The newest edition of this phone said Hello, Moto to those X feels. (5)
11 What the Jabra elite 75t became when they went to the gym. (6)

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