I have seen many people referring Premium WordPress Themes as those which have more quality in terms of design, flexibility, in-house SEO, multiple layouts, easy integration with analytics, adsense etc. which is not the case with majority of the Free themes available. And by default, they refer any Premium theme as a Paid theme. This is not true always. I do agree that most of the paid themes come up with innovative and additional features compared to the majority of Free WordPress themes but it is wrong to generalize it and making it a rule.


There are some Stunning, amazing, cool Premium themes out there which are nicely designed, innovative, SE optimized, flexible and yet being FREE! I am not the first one to write about these FREEMIUM WordPress themes and I won’t be the last as well. But I am restricting myself to those Free & Premium WordPress themes which can be used for Blogs with Magazine or News based content. I have not added them just to make up the numbers, I genuinely believe they are the Best options available currently.

Stunning Free but Premium WordPress News / Magazine Styled Themes

1. Comfy Magazine Style Theme


More Info | Live Demo | Download
Update: Comfy is no more a free theme. That’s really sad.

2. FREEmium wordpress theme


Live Demo | Download

3. Mimbo 3.0


Live Demo | Download

4. Magasin Uno


Live Demo | Download

5. Magasin Dos


Live Demo | Download

6. Magazine Basic 2.0


Live Demo | Download

7. ZinePress WordPress Magazine theme


Live Demo | Download

8. Remedy WordPress Magazine Theme


Live Demo | Download

9. ForexPress Mag Theme


Live Demo | Download

10. Arthemia Free Magazine Theme


Live Demo | Download

11. Monochrome Gallery


Live Demo | Download

12. Shiva WordPress theme


Live Demo | Download

13. Branford Magazine


Live Demo | Download

14. Zoxengen


Live Demo | Download

15. Hybrid News


Live Demo | Download

16. TimeCafe Premium Free v2.0


Live Demo | Download

17. Epsilon


Live Demo | Download

18. Androida


Live Demo | Download

19. The Web News


Live Demo | Download

20. Masagana


Live Demo | Download

21. NewsTheme


Live Demo | Download

22. Zinmag Primus

Zinmag Primus theme

Live Demo | Download

23. SportsPress


Live Demo | Download

24. Skyye News

skyye news

Live Demo | Download

25. Zinmag Tribune


Live Demo | Download

26. Grungezine


Live Demo | Download

27. Miint


Live Demo | Download

Banner credit: Hongkiat

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176 thoughts on “27 Stunning Yet Free Premium WordPress Magazine & News Themes

  1. @Raju
    nice post nd work.it will be useful for a newbie like me.im also planning to open my own website.these themes will help me a lot.thanx for sharing.

  2. good list , you might have added some more dude,there are many
    anyways keep it up πŸ™‚

    $unil jains last blog post..Now Heal your Body Pain using Mini Mushroom USB Massager

    • @Sunil,
      that is exactly what I have mentioned in the post as well. I am not interested in making up the numbers. Good and very good were not enough for me, I was looking for STUNNING ones πŸ™‚

  3. Be careful what you download, especially themes from Padd Solutions. I downloaded the Magasada one from them (in the above, Magasin is created by them), and the footer.php has <? eval(gzinflate(base64_decode. I’m currently working on decoding what it actually is, but it’s NOT a good sign that they have this type of code that’s potentially malicious.

    Please check your PHP files before using them, or you may be compromising the security of your blog.

    Raju – You may want to make a note of this as well to warn your visitors.

  4. This is an update on the decoded footer code for Masagana. There doesn’t seem to be any malicious code in there. Just links to cell phone ringtone websites.

    I used this to decode the php file -http://www.3dmobility.com/decrypt2.php

    You may want to do the same if you’re planning to use this theme.

  5. Really gr8 themes. I liked Remedy WordPress Magazine one, will use it for my blog. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the list.

    Sameers last blog post..Raigad fort pictures

  6. Great list man. I’ve already checked all these themes, but it’s nice to see them in one place.

    Neosixs last blog post..BitDefender Total Security 2009 – Review

  7. The best is “Magazeen” by Function & Smashing Magazine

    M.Berkichis last blog post..Microsoft , un roman de science fiction

  8. Wow. what a nice theme list. I was new blogger and already hunt for free nice wp theme like this.
    many thanks.

    bachtiars last blog post..NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft Finishes Mars Phase

  9. Some really good themes here – great post. will look at again with a view to using one, Thanks!

    Drolgergs last blog post..Today Made Me Realise That Life Is Precious

  10. Thanks for the wordpress themes.
    It’s an amazing theme collection.

    Dexzones last blog post..Pudukuduirippu falls, 525 LTTE cadres died

  11. Hey, your screenshot of the webo theme is totally different than what it looks like. Is that an error, or did they change it?

    Do you have the correct link to the theme in the screenshot? Cause that looks like something I’m looking for.

    Rehuels last blog post..Is it really THAT confusing?

  12. waooo!! all are awesome!!

    I am a US Blooggers last blog post..Free Give Away: Premium Hosting And Domain Name

  13. The collection is Great. I owe the credit of my website to you. I think this page is an excellent resource and I have forwarded to many of my friends. Do vsit my site to see one fo those in action. Thanks again.

  14. hello, now i am using Comfy Magazine theme for my website and i got some problem . the Windows internet explorer do not supporting it very well. on the other hand Mozilla Firefox can open it very well…
    do i need some plugins for open my website in internet explorer ? please help me ..!!!

    • @uniquestudy,
      I am not the right person to help you, but I guess you are having problems opening your website on Internet explorer 6. If that is the case, there is nothing you can do but upgrade your browser to IE 7 or IE 8.

  15. that is exactly what I have mentioned in the post as well. I am not interested in making up the numbers. Good and very good were not enough for me, I was looking for STUNNING ones

  16. This is excellent collection! I am currently redesigning my blog so maybe some of these will give me a sparkle of inspiration. Who knows… Thanks Raju!

  17. I hate to tell you this but none of these magazine themes run on 2.9.1. I’ve downloaded several and all have given me a blank page.

  18. Thanks for featuring Comfy. I really understand the frustration for some, that we changed it from a free to a premium theme. This is not an advertisement, I just want to express that there was so much work in the theme with constant updates and support service. It was impossible to keep it as a free theme. Thanks for understanding! πŸ™‚

  19. I had been using a woo theme, but there seems to be some issues customizing it. I would love to try the Comfy magazine one as it fits my requirements. Is it compatible with the latest WP version Raju? I will be using it for http://www.headlines24x7.com and won’t you think it will be great for a site like mine?

    I appreciate all your efforts, and will love to spread the good word about this!

    Warmest Regards,

  20. Thanks a lot for this excellent collection of magazine themes. I was looking for these and trust me I have downloaded all :p

  21. Nice collection of magazine themes. It is a lot of inspiration for a wordpress designer here. It was asked for a news magazine theme further up in this comment list.I have created a newsmagazine theme for avilable for free download at my website.

  22. These themes are excellent but the collection is old. Can you add more magazine themes here? I have noticed that the magazine themes call custom wordpress loops and query database many times just to match the layout. Is it true? will it effect the load time and performance of the site?

  23. Thanks for sharing….. I’ve been looking for such this theme, and happy to find it here…good collection anyway…

    again Thank you..

  24. Great Collections of premium themes which are very useful in sites. Great collection of nice magazine style themes.

  25. Wow, thanks. Nowadays seems harder and harder for one to find really good and -free- WordPress themes. Thank you again!

  26. Thank you very much for yet another first-rate article. I am always searching for original WordPress Theme to suggest to my readers. Thanks for creating this article. It’s exactly what I was searching for. Truly great post.

  27. zinmag is nice!! alot of these themes are missing important features that i look for though, like 3 column footer placement + slider + 3 columns.

  28. Wow amazing collection — but perhaps you should consider adding few with Fashion & Lifestyle Mag kinda’ looks… You know what I’m talking about — some bells & whistles with jQuery galleries, and some more featured sections like the ones are you see on sites like periscope-the-magazine.com or in.com (just some random examples i ran through)

  29. Wow amazing collection β€” but perhaps you should consider adding few with Fashion & Lifestyle Mag kinda’ looks… You know what I’m talking about β€” some bells & whistles with jQuery galleries, and some more featured sections like the ones are you see on sites like periscope-the-magazine.com or in.com (just some random examples i ran through)

  30. Hi ,
    Thanks immensely for providing this theme. I’ve been looking
    around for another theme, and I hope this can prove to be ideal.
    Much appreciated,

  31. This is a great collection to have in one’s bag. It seems to me that a number of these themes are not exactly free (ex. no.2, no. 13).

  32. don’t especially like to see something labelled as free “Branford” for example and then to not be able to download it because it comes in a paid package. Talk about false advertising to lure in the unsuspecting.

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