January 27, 2010 – Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple at that time, is introducing the iPad, a gadget that 2 years later will be considered a symbol of our generation. The iPad was a revolution, just like many other Apple products: the iMac, the iPod and the iPhone. It’s one of the most loved gadgets in the world because of its beautiful design, user friendly OS and its flexibility. But most of all, the main feature of the iPad, and in fact, the revolution itself is its portability. It could do almost anything a laptop would, all in a package that was smaller, looked better and it had 3 times the battery power.

I consider tablets to be used  in medicine, architecture, engineering and not so much in the day to day life, maybe because I’m just a bit old school and I like PCs, but nonetheless, regardless of my opinion, the iPad remains the number 1 tablet PC in the world, and it seems the future will see even more tablets. This is just the start of an era that will be around for some time. Being so loved by the masses, this accessory has gained lots of accessories itself. From skins, cases, RC cars or drones to thousands of apps. All to make your experience with the iPad more entertaining and immersing.

Top 50 iPad Wallpapers

Now, apps and gadgets were covered and re-covered, but this time it’s all about the look of your iPad, and as specially the background image of it. On the iPad’s 9.7 inch screen, with the resolution of 1024 x 768 you can fit many types of images, and trust me, some full HD images look amazing! I’ll try to make a list of the coolest iPad wallpapers I could find. I’ll try to group them in categories, but keep in mind this: images are more about each one’s own preferences, so I made this list based on others opinions, but also, on my own. I tend to like more abstract and dark-light pictures, so don’t be surprised if you will see quite a lot of these here. I apologize beforehand to the authors that have made or took these pictures for not including the credit link. It was very hard, in many cases, to find the source. Don’t forget to click for the full size!

1. Apple Tribute iPad Wallpapers

Colored Apple Layers


Think Different

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Scrat with Apple Logo

Blue Metallic Apple Logo

Wooden Apple Logo

Apple Marbles

Apple White Spots

Apple Logo Grind

Apple Green Logo

2. Art iPad Wallpapers

Jack Sparrow

Glass Art


Tiny World

Everyday Life

Motorcycle of The Future








Made for Dancing

3. Animals iPad Wallpapers

Woolf and Kitty

White Kitty

Family of Cats

Frightened Baby Rabit

Maou Cat

Birds in Water

Sleeping Cat

Lonely Rabbit

Blue Eyed Cat

Gorgeous Cat

3. Nature iPad Wallpapers

The Rock


Hay Bales

Droplets in Grass

Nature vs City

Water on Leaf


Spring Daisy

Water on Leaf 2

Blue Flower

Yellow Flower



Yellow Flowers



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