Microsoft finally released the much anticipated Windows 8 OS a couple of days back and users can now Download Windows 8 ISO as we’ll explain further down in this article. Amidst lot of loopholes and confusions, Windows 8 has seen a lot of interest amongst users, which includes some new switchovers too.

Microsoft has made it extremely convenient for users to upgrade from Windows 7/Vista/XP to Windows 8 using the Windows Upgrade Assistant app. Using this app, users can check if their system qualifies for Windows 8 upgrade, if so, make the payment and purchase it for a nominal fee. Once the purchase is done, the upgrade assistant lets users to create Windows 8 ISO or as a bootable USB, so that one can use them in case of emergencies in the future.


But what if you went ahead and clicked “Install Now” option without creating the ISO or bootable USB? Well, you don’t need to fret. You can go back and Download Windows 8 ISO any time you like to, assuming you have purchased and possess a valid and genuine Windows 8 product key.

Download Windows 8 ISO

1. Look for the email you would’ve got after purchasing the Windows 8 upgrade from Microsoft. Yes, that same email containing the WIndows 8 product key, with the sender’s name as “Microsoft Customer Support”. Here, you’d see a link to download the ISO as shown below:


Update: In case you have misplaced the email, visit the Microsoft Windows website and click on the Install Windows 8 button there to download the file to your PC.

2. Clicking on the link, downloads the Windows 8 Setup File which you are required to run on your Windows PC.

3. In the next screen, you’ll be asked to enter the Windows 8 product key which you’ll see in the same email. Copy paste it on this screen & click Next.


4. It will now validate your Windows 8 product key and shows you the version of Windows 8 you’re eligible to download as ISO. Click Next.


5. It will now start to download the Windows 8 Pro ISO which is approximately 2GB in size. Wait for the download to complete.


6. Once done, the setup will check for errors and you’ll be given options to either Install Now, or Install by creating media, or even Install later from your desktop. Select the second option: Install by creating media. Click Next.


7. Now you’ll land in the screen you were waiting for: option to either download the Windows 8 ISO file or as a bootable USB. Choose ISO file and click Next.


8. Choose the folder where you want to save the ISO file and you’re done. Burn the ISO into a DVD in order to use it in cases of reinstallations.

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27 thoughts on “Download Windows 8 Pro ISO Directly from Microsoft

  1. Good article. But When do I get the option to download a 64-bit or a 32-bit version? I have a Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit version. I would like to upgrade this to Win 8 Pro-64 bit version.

  2. If I buy the windows 8 pro disc for $69.99, will that disc and serial number install on both 32 and 64 bit systems. Or does the serial still only work on one or the other? I can’t find an answer to this. I know if I buy the upgrade version and my system is 64 bit, it only works on 64bit systems.

    • The key works for both 32 and 64 bit versions (it’s not architecture specific), as long as it is the same edition (home, pro, ultimate).

      I guess the installation media works only for the one you bought, as there was no option to choose the architecture (32/64 bit) during installation, but I’m not 100% (at least it was like this for Windows 7). You can always download the other .iso and burn it yourself though.

      • Yep, the key should work for both. I hear if you buy the disc from the windows site you get whatever version your computer is. If you buy a disc from like amazon or someone else you would get both discs unless its specially stated a version.

        Thanks for your response.

  3. What if I have bought a new lap having all the required hardware features for windows 8 (excluding TouchSense) but instead of a windows 7 i choose only dos/Linux. Can I upgrade such sytems to windows 8.

    In other words what I want to ask is if suppose tomorrow a windows7 pc upgraded to windows8 crashes, then what the user will have to do should he installing windows 7 first and then reupgrade a iso/usb or simply install the it from iso/usb?

  4. Hi when I get to the stage 6 of the install the only options I get are ‘Install Now’ & ‘Install later from your desktop’ how do I get the ‘Install by creating media’ option as i want to create a ISO file

    • The “Install by creating media” option is only available from windows vista and 7. Once again Micorosft is shafting their users.

      • Yea, I have done that. Still says my product key is invalid even though I purchased the upgrade. Seems like windows is giving people the run-around 🙁 . Any other tips for transferring a valid windows 8 installation to a SSD?

  5. Ok, so here’s my deal. I chose Create USB the first time I downloaded it but I’d also like to make an ISO to burn to DVD for safekeeping but whenever I run the program again it skips straight to screen 6 bypassing the enter CD key screen so when I select “Install by Creating Media” and then “ISO file” it prompts me to save it and then I get an error message saying “Sorry, Something happened and we couldn’t finish creating the ISO. Restart Setup and try again!” Could this be because I renamed and moved the ESD folder to another drive and it can’t create a new one?

  6. Hey – this is still workin as of today 4/13/2013. But after checking for errors, it went into preparing files and then continued as you say after that. I was hoping to get an install.wim from the ISO, but all I find install.ESD. Any ideals on how to get install.wim or change install.ESD to install.wim for Win 8. Thanks for the information.

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