Rapidshare is the most popular file sharing service in the world right now (without a doubt!). And as you know I have been sharing Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts almost everyday, thanks to few readers who share them with me. And more often that not, the comments and email I get from those ‘late entrants’ who missed to get hold of the Free Rapidshare premium Accounts is that the password has been changed from someone or if the account itself has expired. It does become tiresome to check each and every account to see if its still valid.

Rapidshare Plus ACC is a free Rapidshare premium account checker which lets you find out the working rapidshare premium account from the Rapidshare username and password list which you may have got from my site or other forums.


What it does is, it automatically tests all the usernames in the list and validates if the corresponding passwords are correct. I had seen couple of online services which are supposed to do the same thing, but they didn’t. If you know any working service, do let me know using the comment form.

Download Free Working Rapidshare Premium Account Checker

Update: Some of the users have reported that the tool is not working for them. If that is the case, then you can check the accounts by copy – pasting them in small groups in the given below website interface in the format as


For example: The account –

Login: 3174883
Password: 4Q577xpK

should be entered as


Following are the websites-

Rapidshare Account Validation

Conso3 RS checker


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