Google acquired Fitbit in 2019 to strengthen its languishing position in the health/fitness wearables space. A few years later—in late 2022—the company announced its plans to introduce Google accounts for Fitbit.

transfer fitbit account to google account

Google said that beginning in 2023, all Fitbit users will need to migrate their accounts to a Google account to continue using Fitbit services. While they don’t need to do this right away, as the deadline is 2025, the Fitbit app has already started prompting users to move their data.

So, if you’re a Fitbit user and wish to continue using its devices and services, there isn’t any reason to delay the move. Follow along as we guide you through the process.

How to Move Fitbit Account to Google Account

Fitbit has made the process of migrating data from a Fitbit account to a Google account very easy. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open the Fitbit app on your Android or iPhone.
  2. If you see the Move your account to Google prompt on your screen, tap MOVE ACCOUNT. Else, tap on the profile icon in the top-left corner to access the Account page, and you should see the option here.
    move your account
  3. Hit the Get started button, and wait for the app to load your data.
    get started
  4. Once it does, tap on Step 1 (Choose your Google Account) and select the Google account to which you want to migrate your Fitbit account data.
    how to transfer your fitbit account to your google account - transfer fitbit account to google account 3
  5. Tap on Step 2 (Review and confirm your Fitbit setup).
    step 2
  6. When asked to review the personal and health data you want to move to your Google account, hit Manage next to Profile info and Health and wellness data, respectively, to view it. With the former, you can modify things like height and weight, whereas with the latter, you can go into different metrics and delete the data if you don’t wish to move it to your Google account. Hit Continue.
    review personal health data
  7. On the next screen, where the app asks you to review your devices, tap Continue again.
  8. Next, review your connected apps, i.e., the apps you’ve connected to Fitbit (and the data Fitbit shares with them). You can tap on Disconnect to disallow the app from accessing your data going forward. Else, hit Continue.
    review connected apps
  9. If you’re a Fitbit Premium user, you’ll also see the option to move your scores and assessments around sleep, daily readiness, and more. Toggle off the radio button to disable moving this data if you want. Hit Agree and continue.
    agree continue
  10. Review your email and notification preferences on the next screen and tap Continue.
    how to transfer your fitbit account to your google account - transfer fitbit account to google account 10
  11. Tap on Step 3 (Review how Google uses Fitbit data and agree to move) and go through Google’s explanation of how it will use your Fitbit data.
    move fitbit to google
  12. Finally, scroll down and check off all the checkboxes to give Google the consent to move your Fitbit account data to your chosen Google account and hit Agree & move.
    transfer fitbit to google

Wait for a few seconds, and the migration should be successful. On the next page, which reads You’re ready to use Fitbit with your Google Account, hit the Got it button.

how to transfer your fitbit account to your google account - transfer fitbit account to google account 12

Google will now ask if you’d like to help it build better products and assist in advanced health research. It’ll require you to grant it permission to collect and access your data generated while using Fitbit products and services.

Hit I Agree if you wish to do so. Else, tap on No thanks.

What Happens After You Move to a Google Account?

Once your Fitbit and Google accounts are merged, you’ll see a profile button in the top-right corner of the screen with your Google account profile picture; the rest of the menu items and functionalities seem to be unchanged.

In addition, the Fitbit app will also give you the option to sync Fitbit with Google’s Health Connect app. For the uninitiated, Health Connect is a service co-developed by Google and Samsung that centralizes all your health and fitness data and lets you sync it across different apps on your device. This can come in handy when, for instance, you want to use data from your Fitbit device to get insights from other apps.

Subsequently, every time you need to log in to Fitbit, you’ll have to use your Google account. Although you might still see a Sign in With Fitbit option, it’s only for those who haven’t moved to a Google account yet; you won’t be able to use it after transferring data to your Google account.

If you previously enabled two-factor authentication on your Fitbit account, the migration will remove it, and you’ll be able to log in using just your Google account password. Additionally, the option to enable 2FA is also no longer available under account settings in the Fitbit app.

What if You Don’t Move Your Fitbit Account to a Google Account by 2025?

If you decide not to move your Fitbit account to a Google account, you can continue using Fitbit services as long as Fitbit accounts are supported, i.e., until 2025. Beyond this grace period, Google will end support for Fitbit accounts, and you’ll be required to use a Google account to continue using your Fitbit device and its services.

As such, you’ll eventually need to migrate your Fitbit account to your Google account to continue using it. Failing to do so will prevent you from using Fitbit services and, in turn, your Fitbit smartwatch or tracker.

A New Way to Use Fitbit Devices and Services

Google has done a good job of keeping the account migration process fairly simple. It’s also managed to keep things transparent by informing users about what data is shared and how it intends to utilize it.

Additionally, the company gives the option to opt out of choosing personal health and fitness data, which is a nice move. So those who are a little skeptical of sharing their data and its use can decide to limit what they share.

Google also says it’s committed to privacy, and it won’t use leverage Fitbit’s health and fitness data for Google Ads.

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