By now, you must be knowing that Opera 10 was released earlier this week with lot of new and exciting features like Opera Turbo. But not everyone is a fan of Opera and if you are one of those who like to try it out before installing the browser, then here is a good news for you.


Check out the portable version of Opera 10 which you don’t need to install. You can carry it in your USB drive and run wherever you want to run. Opera@USB is the portable version of Opera 10 which you can use to trial run the browser.

Features of Opera@USB – Portable Opera 10

  • Does not affect existing browsers – IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.
  • No traces left after exiting – files are overwritten, not just deleted
  • Doesn’t make your USB drive tired – all program files and data are stored in a temporary place on host computer
  • Create multiple profiles for use in different situations
  • Easy to distribute and use, not limited to USB drives or CDs

Download Opera@USB

Download Opera 10 Portable


Download the Full version of Opera 10

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