There are multiple options when it comes to Screen capturing tools for Windows OS. Some of the best ones include SnagIt from Techsmith, Ashampoo Snap 3 or the Windows Snipping tool. Many people prefer the “in-browser” plugins like these screen capture tools for Firefox. But the desktop version has its own advantages and additional features and hence normally comes at a price.

SolidCapture is a simple screen capturing software which offers a decent variety of functionality for beginners and professionals alike. Using a hotkey or a button, you can copy a screen or part of a screen and send it to the clipboard, a file, or your favorite graphics application. The screen capture modes include ‘Full Screen’ which captures the entire visible screen area or ‘Window’ which captures a window or part of a window.

SolidCapture allws you to Edit, format, and share captures. It saves the captures in BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF, or PNG to open in a graphics program.

SolidCapture 3 Features

  • Color Capture so you can magnify screen images, view numeric color values, and save color swatches. By rolling your mouse over a screen area you can see graphics and text up-close and check any color’s value in the format you prefer.
  • Screen Resizing so that Web designers can view a browser window in different resolutions. You can switch back and forth between 1024×768, 800×600, and 640×480, ensuring that your Web site looks good in multiple sizes.
  • A measurement display that lets you view the dimensions of any screen area in pixels. Using the Rectangle tool, you can check the size of any image on a screen.

All in all, a pretty basic screen capturing tool which is a handy utility to have for normal usage.

In order to get a free copy of Solid Capture (which otherwise costs $29.99) follow these simple instructions-

  1. Visit this promotional offer page
  2. Enter a valid email address and your name. Click Register to continue.
  3. Check your email inbox for the license key.
  4. Download Solid Capture from here and install.
  5. Use the license details you got in mail to register the product.


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