Facebook vs Google – Battle of the Internet Giants [Infographic]

by: - Last updated on: October 30th, 2019

Until some time back, there wasn’t anyone who could challenge the domination of Google on the internet, not even theoretically. Enter Facebook and it has turned the tide on Google so much so that the search giant is looking at ways to curb the rapid progress strides of the social networking giant.

Facebook, on its part, believes that everything, including the mobile phones need a social layer on top of it (remember Facebook phone?), while Google maintains that Bing (and Microsoft) is their primary competitor and not Facebook (or Apple). Still, they are working at a service which can actually take on Facebook’s social media dominance (Google Me?)

Check out the infographic below, courtesy AllFacebook, which might look biased, but is not.


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  1. I cannot agree that time spent on the site should be a metric for comparing market dominance of google and facebook. Google unlike facebook is not a social networking site; so if users are spending lesser time on the site (assuming number of searches have gone up, for the same google time) it means google is serving out better search results. This in turn can attract more people, away from Bing or other search engines.

  2. I believe Google will always be unbeatable… even though Facebook comes closer in competition with Google, we must remember that Facebook is defined as a social network & Google is apparently a search engine. Therefore, both have altogether a different purpose.

    1. facebook is a social website now, but with the amount of data it is collecting (what is being shared, liked the most, commented on, etc). It has the ability to launch a ‘social’ search engine – a big threat to Google