Intel is looking to dive into the social media soup. How? By offering a new way of looking at people’s most beloved social media profiles and turning them into a place of creativity and art. Intel has been on this road once before, last year, when it offered users the opportunity to customize Facebook profiles into exhibitions with “Museum of Me”.

intel social infographic what about me

Intel Transforms Your Social Profiles Into an Infographic

Now, it’s time for the ego to be at the center of this brand new app they are offering. Meet “What About Me?”, a little piece of software that turns your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube account into a visually pleasing infographic. So, you decided you are bored of your mainstream Facebook profile. This is step one. Now Intel comes into the picture. So what do you get? Well, for example, you might get a flower-like infographic that measures your tastes according to your status updates.

It also calculates the most popular post you ever hosted on your profile and what are your friend’s favorite pictures. Other interesting statistics from your social media behavior also get extracted like what is the time of day you are mostly likely to check in or how you found the information you share. This information can be broken down into external links, YouTube videos, images and so on. A percentage is given for each category and the results go on to be displayed in a very nice looking chart.

What About Me Creates Your Social Activity Report

intel social infographic

Moving on, you can find out the percentage of time you spend being active on Facebook and you get to compare the time spent during night time and during day time. The app also ranks your mood based on 5 difference faces that range from sad to happy. How does the app know in which mood you are? Well, we can only assume it picks up clues based on your statuses.

The app also offers the feature of “my connections” which showcases the people you are talking most to along with their avatars, star signs and whether they spent most of their time online during night time or day time. To conclude, the app is a fascinating little tour inside your social mind so you could gain a better view of your interests and connections.

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