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Raspberry Pi represents another battle won by geek products in front of mass-adoption tech devices. A computer that has the size of a credit card – who would’ve believed it could get this popular? With a joke price of $25, Raspberry Pi‘s reputation has been growing day by day, being pushed behind by a noble purpose  – to stimulate and make more accesible the teaching of computer science. Proof to the success of Raspberry Pi is the fact that Google is going to back up the project.

Until recently, the official recommendation was to use Debian Linux as the operating system, albeit Chrome OS support for the mini-computer is also on the cards. Setting up the Raspbian OS on your Raspberry Pi isn’t quite an easy task, so if you’re just a beginner, you might want to have a look on the beginner’s forum. The announcement of the Raspbian OS is great news, so those who will buy the card-sized computer won’t have to struggle anymore with the software.

Raspbian OS features

Its biggest feature is the fact that it exists! Up until now, there was no official OS from the Raspberry team, only recommendation as to what OS to use. From what we can see, Raspbian OS is the first final version of a stable operating system. Raspbian OS is by 40% faster raspbian os for raspberry pi [download links] - raspbian osthan Debian Linux. While some activities performed on the Raspbian OS might be 6 times faster than on Debian (such as MP3 encoding), others might perform slower on Raspbian, but, overall, it is indeed faster.

The palpable difference is to be found on online browsing, as Raspbian OS seems to have been optimized to load web pages faster than other OS used on the Raspberry Pi. There have also been made tweaks and some performance improvements to the applications, kernel and the  firmware. Also, Raspbian OS comes with an omxplayer accelerated media player.

Download links for Raspbian OS

Before proceeding to the download links for Raspbian OS, you should pay attention to this official advice:

To use an image file, you will need to unzip it and write it to a suitable SD card using the UNIX tool dd. Windows users should use Win32DiskImager. Do not try to drag and drop or otherwise copy over the image without using dd or Win32DiskImager – it won’t work.

Raspbian OS isn’t a totally different OS than the previous version, it is actually referred to as Debian “wheezy”, since it represents an optimised version of it. If you’re just curious to try out the Raspberry Pi and the Raspbian OS, you might want to get some help on the forums, first. But if you’re here because you know what you’re doing, find the download links below.

Download Raspbian OS [torrent file]
Download Raspbian OS [.zip file]

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