Feeling like having some fun? If you are the type that usually pranks his friends at every corner, then this tool might be right down your alley. Hack My Facebook allows you to hack your own Facebook account and see your friend’s reaction when they start seeing hilarious posts on your account. We’re not sure if this application will get quite a lot of love, but defnitely there are enough Facebook users who’d love to prank their friends.

Trick your friends by hacking your own Facebook profile

hack my facebook - hack your own facebook profile
This funny application has been developped by Raj Vir, David Fontenot and Shiva Kilaru at the 48-hours hackathon PennApps. So, instead of “waiting” for somebody to hack your Facebook account, why not do it yourself?  The app allows you to choose what type of messages it will post on your wall from 7 categories:

  • Go Rooney! – Post on your wall pro-Rooney messages and pictures.
  • Go Obama! – Post on your wall pro-Obama messages and pictures.
  • Valentine’s Day – Post romantic lyrics and messages on your wall.
  • Sports Traitor – Make fun of your favorite athletes and sports teams.
  • Stupid Lyrics – Post lyrics and messages of various artists you do not like.
  • It’s Your Birthday – Change your birthday to today and see which of your friends actually know what your birthday is.
  • Drop Out – Post a message that you have dropped out of school to pursue your dreams or go fishing.

After having your fun, you can quickly take back your account by hitting the “UnHack Your Facebook” button and all the messages or pictures that were posted in your wall will be deleted. Try it out and make fun of all your friends and let us know how they reacted when you told them that you were the mastermind behind the entire “heist”.


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