Have you ever been in a critical situation when you had to act quickly in order to save someone’s life? Most likely – you haven’t. Actually, most of use hear about these situations only in the news. But what would you do if something like this could happen to you? Some might believe that it’s stupid to rely on a mobile application to help you with that, but not Dynamisk Helse, the company that developed Drops First Aid.

Currently available only for iOS devices, Drops First Aid comes at a $1.99 price, almost nothing when you compare it with the benefits that it offers. By using this application, you will be much more prepared if an ill-fated event occurs, be it a car crash, someone who’s just had a stroke or other unhappy scenarios.

drops first aid

Drops First Aid teaches people emergency behaviour

In the past, we’ve talked about medical apps for iOS and for Android; and even about medical gadgets. Too bad that Drops First Aid wasn’tdrops first aid 2 yet launched back then as it would’ve surely made our top. This helpful application will teach you how to behave when there’s an emergency. It’s interesting how the company promotes the app, by saying that:

Drops First Aid may be the most important app you’ll ever own

Inside the application you’ll find several courses made very simple, so you could easily “digest” the information. What’s even more awesome is that there are step-by-step videos. So, let’s say that someone has a stroke or a foreign object in their throat. A step-by-step video guide is the most helpful thing there could be, since it will teach you exactly how to act to save someone’s life or make him feel better.

drops first aid 3But Drops First Aid’s description shouldn’t be just this “simple and useful”. There are advanced courses that you can take – once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move to others, such as CPR training (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

We know that you’ve got to do some chest compressions, but do you know how many, with what pressures and at what rate? The advanced courses will teach you that. TheNextWeb also has some good words about it:

The app has a beautiful design, incorporating a simple navy and white colour scheme with a clear, crisp typeface. It’s also possible to add a monthly reminder for each course, so that you don’t forget to familiarise yourself with it again at a later date

I’ll be honest with you – I haven’t bought too many mobile apps in my life, but I’ll have a remorse of conscience if I won’t buy this one. Instead of paying for a beer, maybe we should be more responsible and learn how to be ready if something bad happens. So, yes, download it before it’s too late. Let’s hope they’ll soon release an app for Android, as well.

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