Sense is a new sleep-tracking gadget which says it can wake you more naturally without a frustrating wristband, being able to figure out sleep cycles and also monitoring the state of your bedroom. Sleep tracking gadgets aren’t a novelty, but this new Kickstarter project promises to do some more things that just tracking light and deep phases of your sleep.
sense sleep tracker
Unlike wristbands, Sense is consisted of glowing orb that sits on the nightstand and connects wirelessly to the “Sleep Pill”: a small plastic tag that clips to your pillow and is able of tracking movement like disturbed sleep and it also knows when you wake up.

The Sense hub comes with a 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, is waterproof and can handle two Sleep Pills, so it’s perfectly suitable for a couple. Sense can track noise, light, temperature, humidity, and even air condition and it compiles all this data to assert a “Sleep Score”.
sense sleep gadget
Of course, the gadget comes with companion iOS and Android apps and you can use these to set smart alarms. The Sense orb comes with a speaker that can be used to play white noise. There’s also a microphone that listens out for snoring, sleep talking, and other human factors.

But Sense isn’t useful only during the night, as it will briefly glow to provide feedback on the environments of your bedroom as you walk near it. It’s even possible to swipe your hand over it to activate the feature. So, if it glows green every night before you go to bed, then the environmental conditions are alright; if it’s yellow or orange, you can check the app for advice on what to change.

Sense aims to provide data on environmental conditions that might be affecting how you sleep and can offer recommendations on what you can improve to have a better sleep. James Proud, the founder of the start-up, said the following:

“It seems like an oxymoron to put on a piece of electronics when you’re taking everything else off. I was looking at this more and realized everyone’s neglecting to look at the most important room of our lives: the bedroom. We spend literally a third of our lives there. People are beginning to realize how important sleep is to us. The foundation of every single day is built upon how you slept at night.”

At the moment, the Sense team has already met its $100,000 Kickstarter goal with almost a month left. You will be able to buy Sense unit and single Sleep Pill comes for $99 tier, and for $129 you get two Sleep Pills. Retail pricing is set to be at $129 and $159 for these bundles.

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