Xiaomi is taking a smart approach when it comes to the diversity of its products, announcing many peripheral accessories. Their main business remain smartphones, no doubt about it, but by releasing new devices from other categories they are increasing the interest of consumers. And, of course, the cheaper price is their thing and many will fall prey to that.

xiaomi yi action camera

The company’s latest announcement is the Yi Action Camera, which is now available at the Mi.com website. However, the gadget is currently available in China only, but it carries a really appealing price – around $64, which is twice as cheap as the GoPro Hero, the company’s entry-level camera which retails for around $130.

However, the YiCamera is made by the same company behind the Ants smart webcam and not by Xiaomi directly. This shows the company is also interested in ecommerce and not just in the smartphone business. Let’s have a look at the specs of the camera and how they compare with those of the GoPro Hero:

  • Video – 1080p60 vs 1080p30 / 720p60
  • Photo – 16MP vs 5MP
  • Viewing angle – 155 degrees vs 170 degrees
  • Memory – up to 64GB vs up to 32GB
  • Waterproof depth – 40 meters on the both
  • Weight – 72 grams vs 111 grams
  • Battery – 1100mAh vs 1050mAh

So, as we can see, the specs are pretty much on par, if not better for Xiaomi’s new Yi Action Camera. It has a bigger camera sensor and double the memory. It is much lighter and only loses to the GoPro in the viewing angle, but only be a few degrees. However, the YiCamera doesn’t have a plastic protective case, but it gets instead mounted directly to your accessory, such as a selfie stick or a harness for your pet.

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