Microsoft, in a bid to simplify meetings and calendar appointments has launched a new app called, Invite. The app requires users to connect their email account and it will also allow the scheduler to suggest times that would work out for all the stakeholders involved.


The attendees will get a RVSP notification (or an email if they don’t have the app installed) to which they can respond by suggesting various times that will work out for them as well as the invitees. The app lets you sign up from virtually any email account and invite anyone from your address book and settle with a time that the whole group can vote on. So the idea behind this app is not just to simplify the meetings but also to respect everyone’s calendar, something that the other email clients fail to do efficiently.

Mistake not, Invite is a simplistic application which focusses on organising the meetings in a better way and that’s all about it. The UI looks clean and easy to use and it sticks to its promises without any unnecessary deviation.

Microsoft has lately increased its focus on calendar app and in fact rebranded its acquisition Acompli to Outlook. Microsoft has also been aggressively pitching the Outlook app beyond the walls of the Windows ecosystem. Invite is developed by Microsoft Garage, which is more of an impromptu workplace which consists of interns, designers, engineers and other employyes to brainstorm on new ideas and make them happen, for real.

It is indeed surprising that Microsoft has set aside its own Windows Phone operating system and currently most of the Microsoft Garage apps support iOS and Android. This one though is currently available on iOS only in US and Canada, but is expected to come to Android and Windows Phone soon.

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