In my life, I’m 99% sure I’m never actually going to dress up as Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Night. I’m just not a cosplayer. It’s not in me. Also, I’m lazy. And putting on a face makeup is too much work.

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But this morning, I got a glimpse of me dressed as Joker. The Joker. And boy did it bring an evil grin to my face. Boy did my eyes narrow as I tried to pull off “that look”. MSQRD made that possible and I’m thankful.

msqrd's fun face paint filters are the closest i'll ever get to being the joker - msqrd1

If you’ve got a little bit of heart in you. Even if it’s as cold as mine, you’ll still enjoy the hell out of MSQRD. You know about those live (real-time) filters right? MSQRD puts face masks, over your face. And they react, live.

So you record a video of yourself (or take a picture) as the Joker, or if you’d like, Obama. MSQRD just took reaction GIFs to a whole new level. It’s kind of like Dubsmash but instead of adding audio, you’re animating your face. Much more creative.

I was surprised at just how bloody good MSQRD is. The face mask went right through my glasses. No issues whatsoever. It’s amazing at detecting major elements of the face and unless you’re rocking a very bushy beard, almost all filters will work for you.

I did an experiment in my class today. I opened the app, handed it to one of my classmates, without any explanation and walked away. What followed was 10 minutes of cracktastic laughter and a crowd. I love it when apps can do that.

Filter wise, you’ve got lots of fun ones. Big ol’ anime eyes, crying like a waterfall, Obama (of course), disco, Leo winning an Oscar, cat face, the old man face, DJ scene and a lot more.

Did I mention just how fun this app is? Go on, download it. Currently, it’s only available on the iPhone. Hopefully, the Android version is coming soon. Oh, and if you’re a developer you’ll be happy to know that the filters are also available as an SDK.

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