The Pixel phones have been garnering a lot of attention for the Google Assistant integration and the new UI which is currently exclusive to the Pixel phones. The folks at Android Police have been tearing down the applications from the Pixel dump system and one of them is the new Google Phone 5.1 app. Just like the other apks the Google Phone 5.1 works perfectly with Nexus 5X and can be downloaded from here.


The call UI now has a much modern touch to it. It is also worth noting that dialer has changed very less after Android 4.4 KitKat. The new dialler app displays the details spread across a blue translucent layer over the lock screen and the caller ID is accompanied by the caller avatar at the top. It is evident that Pixel is doting a new UI style that requires users to swipe up in order to perform certain operations like accessing the app drawer. Unlike before wherein one had to swipe right to answer a call now the same can be done by swiping up. Similarly, one can decline the calls by dragging down the call button.

Launcher shortcuts are also exclusive for the Pixel launcher and it is but obvious that Pixel’s phone application would come armed with one. The shortcut lets you create a new contact and maybe in the future they will be adding other related features. As we said earlier all of these apps have been extracted from the Pixel dump and it might not work well with other devices. On the contrary, I am pleasantly surprised at how smoothly all of these apps work on the Nexus 5x. I, for instance, have been using the Pixel launcher from quite some time and it has never given up on me which is commendable especially after considering the fact that it is only meant for Pixel phones.

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