Bezel-less phones seem to be in vogue, thanks to the Xiaomi Mi Mix which started out as a concept phone and later materialized into a production ready handset that anyone (in China) can buy. Needless to say, the Bezel-less phones look fluidic and are a cosmetic delight. Xiaomi Mi Mix has been received well by the tech fraternity and this seems to have prompted Nubia to ready its own Bezel-less phone.


The alleged Nubia bezel-less phone has been leaked via a bunch of pictures. The device is bezel-less and it apparently also comes with a sliding mechanism, something that we have seen in phones back in mid-2000’s. That said it is still not crystal clear on how this sliding mechanism works but the images show how the screen can be slid down to reveal the front facing camera along with the flash. It is speculated that one can assign other functions to the slider including answering calls or starting a timer. Also, the rear panel is said to be customizable and will be made out of either metal, wood or leather.


After the Mi Mix, the rumor mills have been predicting a bezel-less phone from almost all the major Chinese phone makers including Meizu and Huawei. That said the leaked pictures are not concrete evidence of the phone in making and as with most of the rumors this one too needs to be taken with a proverbial pinch of salt.


Xiaomi’s Mi Mix had caught us by surprise after Xiaomi announced the device along with the Mi Note 2. The staggering 91.3-percent Screen to Body ration along with the 6.4-inch display added a rather futuristic touch to the device. Other features including the Cantilever Piezoelectric ceramics UFS 2.0 and the HD audio module ensured that the Mi Mix is not only futuristic but also a class apart.

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